Celestial Design: 4 Pooja Room Lights That Are Divine

Traditional beliefs dictate your pooja room should always be well lit. However, in today’s modern homes these auspicious spaces have shrunk to cabinets, mandaps or a simple shelf. So is there really the space to play around with pooja room lights?

We think so! And we also think with smaller rooms, the heavy lifting falls on the lighting to make the space seem spacious and warm.

1. Tiny SpotlightsWhen looking for pooja room lights, consider using focus lighting, especially for contemporary homes.

If your pooja room isn’t really a room, and is wedged into a corner, focus lights will do wonders to make the area pop out. Don’t think harsh spotlights, but dim lights that give the space a very ethereal glow like the contemporary home above.

The focus light illuminates the dark, narrow space between the living room and kitchen, bringing the deity into the spotlight. It’s a small investment, and we honestly feel it trumps traditional lamps and diyas.

2. Panel Lighting

Incorporate dim, panel lights to create an ethereal glow in your pooja room. Source: Kamlesh Maniya via Zingy Homes and BNK Group

Jarring, bright pooja room lights are so passe. A huge trend right now, and probably for the foreseeable future, are panel lights.

Since the panels stay concealed, it casts a soft glow around the pooja. You could use them on shelving, in the backdrop or even on the ceiling. It’s definitely a cost-effective pooja room light option and is sure to outrun the life of LEDs.

3. Electric LightsElectric diyas work as great pooja room lights.

Electric diyas are a lifesaver when your remodeling kitty is running low. Pick diyas in hues of gold, bronze and champagne since they’d complement the idols.

If you’re looking for some more twinkle, especially during the festive season, purchase string LEDs, popularly called fairy lights, and watch them light up your mandap. They can be reused every year and can be used in a delightful number of ways to decorate your pooja. Alternatively, you could opt for aromatic LED diffusers that lend a fragrant touch to your meditative space.

4. Go Au Natural

If you're remodelling, consider a skylight as opposed to traditional pooja room lights.
Source: P&D Associates and Dipen Gada & Associates

Sunlight is probably the best way to go. If you have the space, open up a wall and create a beautiful window, or even better, if you plan ahead, you could incorporate a skylight, and experience the pure joy of offering prayers to the sun gods indoors.

A combination of the pooja room lights — a few focus lights and a back panel or two — should really do the trick to create the right ambience to reach a state of introspection and reflection while doing your prayers.

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