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Rashi Bhasin’s Brand New Kitchen Packs A Punch

After a year of fretting over their termite-riddled kitchen, Rashi and her family were thrilled to see what Livspace offered in a matter of 9 weeks – everything from clever storage solutions to better lighting and termite-proof cabinetry.

6 Clever Gender Neutral Bedrooms For Couples

Are your partner and you niggling about your bedroom decor? Don’t haggle! Choose from our gender neutral bedrooms for couples and clip the bickering at the bud.

6 Questions To Ask Yourself While Designing Your Open Kitchen

Before you opt for an open kitchen, a conscious decision has to be made with regards to spacing, lighting etc. Therefore, ask yourself these six questions to make the most of your kitchen.

Types of Kitchen Sinks Available In India

Make an informed decision before you purchase a kitchen sink. This is as important as picking the right chimney or hob.

A Spacious Bangalore Home In Its Stunning Glory

Designer Hamsa worked her magic and gave the Baid-khanna couple an up-scale, practical home with clever design details without intruding on the airiness of their new home.

Sliding or Hinged? What’s Right For Your Wardrobe?

Should your wardrobe go swinging or sliding? Find out as this extensive piece deconstructs the benefits of hinged versus sliding doors.

Materials 101 | All You Need To Know On Acrylic Kitchen Cabinets

Wondering if you should update your kitchen with acrylic kitchen cabinets? Here’s everything you need to know.

5 Contemporary Wardrobes With Lofts You Will Instantly Fall For

Looking for overhead storage? Pick from our seamless wardrobes with lofts range that will have you wondering where the wardrobe ends and the loft begins.

A Master Guide To Kitchen Cabinet Finishes

Our master guide on kitchen cabinet finishes will take you through the durability, maintenance and quality of our available finishes so you can make an informed choice.

4 Ways To Remove Turmeric Stains From Kitchen Counters

Quick ways to remove turmeric stains from countertops with easily available ingredients or cleaners so your kitchen looks fresh and new as ever!