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Materials 101 | Best Bathroom Flooring Options For Indian Homes

Bathroom flooring can easily enhance the look of your space. But the multitude of options out there makes it difficult to make an informed decision. Here’s what you need to look for.

12 Marble Floor Designs For Beautifying Your Home

Marble floor design options are endless and more often than not people are confused on how to style their homes with them. Our handpicked collection explains how.

8 Divine Mandir Designs For Contemporary Homes

Mandirs are an integral part of Indian homes. But when it comes to revamping the decor of the house, they are often neglected. Our pristine collection of mandir designs is just what your house needs

5 Contemporary Wardrobes With Lofts You Will Instantly Fall For

Looking for overhead storage? Pick from our seamless wardrobes with lofts range that will have you wondering where the wardrobe ends and the loft begins.

9 Beautiful Dining Room Chandeliers You Will Love

Take a look at our collection of stunning and diverse dining room chandeliers that will leave you enthralled.

6 Stunning TV Wall Designs For Your Living Room

The way you design your TV wall sets the tone and tenor for the ambiance of the living room. Here are 6 stylish TV wall design ideas for inspiration.

How To Distress Furniture

Distressed furniture is a hugely popular trend in the interiors space, since these pieces can instantly add authentic character and vintage appeal to any space. Here we tell you how you can achieve the look for your furniture.

7 Interior Design Trends for 2017

From upholstered beds to upcycled furniture, here are the top interior design trends for the year 2017.

The Hidden Charm Of Cove Lighting

Choosing the right lights can significantly enhance the appearance of a room; therefore there’s a good chance that you put some thought into buying the right lamps and light fixtures for your home. Most of these are direct lighting options, and it has its place. But if you love the soft, warm, glow that gently illuminates a space, then consider cove lighting.

Materials 101 | Red Oxide Flooring

Our Materials 101 series takes you back to the basics and tells you everything you need to know about building materials used in Indian homes. This time, we give you a comprehensive list of things to keep in mind while choosing red oxide flooring for your home