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8 Essential Elements Of Traditional Indian Interior Design

Indian style interior decor is exotic yet diverse. Nonetheless, here are 8 elements that capture the essence of this enchanting style.

12 Grey Kitchens That Are Drop Dead Gorgeous

Grey kitchens are the latest fad in Indian homes. The cool color can be easily adapted to a variety of styles and feels perfect in our warm climate.

Celestial Design: 4 Pooja Room Lights That Are Divine

Traditional oil lamps don’t have to be the only source of light in your pooja room. Check out these 4 brilliant ways to light up your mandir.

5 Ways To Do Up Your Home With Laser Cut Wood Panels

A hot trend in the Indian market — laser cut wood panels or jali design — has taken homes and commercial spaces by storm.

7 Foyer Design Ideas To Give Your Entryway An Instant Update

These easy foyer design ideas will give you major design goals and help you style your entryway like a pro! Read on and see how you can doll up your entrance.

5 Beautiful Wardrobe Designs For Small Indian Bedrooms

Looking for a practical and attractive storage solution for a cramped space? Our latest wardrobe designs for small Indian bedrooms promise to leave you inspired!

Smart Design Ideas For The Space Behind Your Sofa

A good-old, comfy sofa is usually the life of your living room. However, no one really spares a thought about the small but significant space behind it. We show you how to NOT let that empty space look awkward.

5 Cool Home Gadgets To Improve Your Lifestyle

We have all dreamt of a smart home that could talk to us, help us in the kitchen, clean itself etc. Did you know that there are some cool home gadgets that can do all of this for you?

5 Striking Accent Walls To Suit Every Kind Of Home

Don’t get bored of your walls. Give it an accent wall!!! Check out our stunning accent walls ideas that break up a large room perfectly, giving it a sense of edge over an otherwise ordinary space.

How To Distress Furniture

Distressed furniture is a hugely popular trend in the interiors space, since these pieces can instantly add authentic character and vintage appeal to any space. Here we tell you how you can achieve the look for your furniture.