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How To Dry Clothes In A Small Apartment

With the monsoons threatening to pour over us any moment, we know drying clothes can become a nightmare. Be prepared with our tips on simple clothesline systems to help you dry clothes indoors.

Types of Kitchen Sinks Available In India

Make an informed decision before you purchase a kitchen sink. This is as important as picking the right chimney or hob.

Open Kitchens or Closed Kitchens – What’s Best for Indian Homes?

Trying to decide between an informal open layout or a more private closed layout for your Indian kitchen? Here’s what you need to know before you make your choice.

5 Vastu Friendly Plants That Encourage Wellness At Home

The next time you go plant shopping, do not forget to take a look at these vastu tips that will guide you on the best and the worst plants according to vastu!

Indian Materials 101 | Types Of House Paint Explained

There’s a lot more to consider than just color when it comes to picking paints for your home. Here is a holistic view of different types of paint used in India.

Laminate Or Veneer: What Should You Choose For Your Furniture?

Trying to choose between laminate and veneer finishes? We compare the advantages of these two materials in terms of appearance, variety, costs and durability.

5 Pooja Shelf Designs For Homes Low On Space

Make a statement with these pooja shelf designs that speak volumes about your sense of style.

10 Clever Storage Ideas For Dining Areas

For relaxed mealtimes, a clutter-free dining room is a must. Here are a wide array of dining room storage ideas so you can choose what works best for you.

5 Advantages Of Built-in Wardrobes

Choose built-in wardrobes over free standing ones the next time you go wardrobe shopping. Why? We’ve listed out the advantages for you.

Vitrified Tiles vs. Marble: Which Is The Better Flooring Option?

Our vitrified tiles vs marble comparative analysis covers durability, pricing, installation and more so can make an easy decision.