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Make Your Own Kitchen Garden: A Beginner’s Guide

Nothing beats the smell of fresh herbs and vegetables. Grow your own patch of green, right in your kitchen, with these step by step tips.

How To Clean Different Types Of Upholstered Furniture

Upholstered furniture can be so comforting but they need be maintained and cleaned regularly. Here are some handy tips on how to take care of them easily.

6 Easy Ways To Get A Home That Smells Like A Spa

Keep foul smells and odour at bay! Here we show you easy peasy ways to get a good smelling home in absolutely no time.

8 Ways To Set Up An Inspiring Fitness Corner At Home

Care about getting in shape but find going to gyms frustrating? Nothing beats having your own home gym. Set it up with these simple rules.

5 Ways To Get Rid Of Termites In Wooden Furniture

There’s nothing more dangerous and ruinous than termites in wooden furniture. Here’s our easy, step-by-step approach on how to solve this pest problem.

Indian Materials 101 | Types Of House Paint Explained

There’s a lot more to consider than just color when it comes to picking paints for your home. Here is a holistic view of different types of paint used in India.

3 Ways To Prevent Damp Walls During The Monsoon

A large number of Indian homeowners complain of damp walls with the onset of the monsoon.  During the rainy season, moisture seeps through the exteriors of the house and causes damp patches on the internal walls. This results in peeling paint, leakage, mould, fungus and also makes your home feel cold and dank. Often, these … Continue reading

8 Easy Tips For Cooling Your Home Without Air Conditioner

Bring temperatures down indoors without investing in an air conditioner or cooler with these simple, easy-to-follow tips.

10 Clever Ways To Conceal Clutter At Home

Living in a clean, well-organized home enhances your sense of well-being. Check out our ten tips to help you cleverly conceal and organize your excess belongings.

4 Clever Organization Tips For Small Bathrooms

Your bathroom doesn’t have to be vast and luxurious for it to become a place for personal pampering. Beautify and make the most of your private sanctum with these nifty tips.