An Unfailing Guide To An Allergy-Proof Home

Are you one of the millions who suffer from “sneeze”onal allergies?

The sniffle season is here and a lot of us suffer from pollen allergy, hay fever, asthma or non-seasonal counterparts like dust mites, pet dander and cockroach droppings.

Well, fret not, we have a couple of tricks up our sleeves to help you cope with these agonizing allergies. While no home can be completely allergen-proof, these tricks will come handy.

Allergy-proof trick #1: Dust away the dirtAllergy proof home: Dust your home regularly

Dusting, that’s a sure shot way to allergy-proof your home. Sure it sounds boring but thorough dusting and cleaning will ensure minimum to no dust mites. Make sure you wear a mask or tie a cotton handkerchief around your mouth and nose while cleaning. Also, to avoid kicking up a dust storm use a moist or treated cloth to clean your home.

Allergy-proof trick #2: Wash linen regularlyAllergy proof home: Clean linen regularly

Dust mites and allergy-causing particles tend to thrive in bed sheets, pillowcases, comforter etc. So, wash those allergens before they turn you into a sneeze fest. Make sure you wash your linen in hot water weekly and dry them out in the sun. This will kill all possible dust mites and leave your linen fresh.

Allergy-proof trick #3: Go au naturalAllergy proof home: Natural cleansers

If you are someone who is allergic to strong industrial cleaning agents then please avoid them like the plague. However, if your detergent isn’t doing its job then you might be in for some serious dust allergies. We suggest switching to environmentally-friendly products that have natural cleansing agents in them. You can also make them at home with simple ingredients like baking soda, lemons and vinegar.

Allergy-proof trick #4: Spotless petsAllergy proof home: Clean pets regularly

Chances are you already know what we are talking about. Yes, pet dander! A lot of people suffer from allergies due to the particles present in our furry friends’ saliva, urine and dead skin. Wash your pets at least once a week and vacuum frequently to get rid of dander.

Allergy-proof trick #5: Control pesky pestsAllergy proof home: Pest control

These pesky bugs can be a threat to your health if they infest your home. A protein found in cockroach droppings are known to cause allergies. Get professional help and do a thorough pest control in your home. In fact, we suggest opting for a regular pest control service that will routinely treat and inspect your residence for bugs.

Allergy-proof trick #6: Keep pollen at bayAllergy proof home: Keep pollen at bay

Plants typically emit pollen in the morning between 5AM and 10AM. Keep your windows and doors closed to ensure it doesn’t enter your home. If you are allergic, then limit your movement in the mornings when the pollen count is usually high. Once you’re home, make sure you change your clothes and take a shower so that you don’t transfer pollen to your furniture and linen.

Are you finally ready to face the world of allergies? We say yes! Keep these tips handy and you should hopefully be allergy-free!

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