A Fresh Blend of Hues at This Urban Retreat

An infallible balance of white with bright colours makes this home a cheery retreat.

gurgaon home interior design

Who livs here: Harneet Sodhi Chhabra with her husband Abhishek Chhabra and their furry friend Kalei

Location: Ireo Uptown, Sec 66, Gurgaon

Home Size: 3 BHK spanning 2,174 sqft.

Design team: Interior Designer Priya Chaudhary with Quality Manager Amandeep

Livspace service: Full home design

Budget: ₹₹₹₹₹

Ireo Uptown is a town within a town, with a vast expanse of greenery, high tech facilities and recreational hubs. It captures the beauty of modern living in its midst. Harneet Sodhi’s apartment is done up to mimic the same atmosphere inside the home as well.

Vivid shades of blue and green find their place on walls, upholstery and even cushions. It is a wonderful balance of muted hues that contrast with graphic colours to create a harmonious design. While the home is conspicuous at first sight, the neutral palette gives it a comfortable charm.

A Striking Appearance

gurgaon home interior design gurgaon home interior design

gurgaon home interior design

While neutrals rule this living room, the bright blue accents (the wall in particular) steal the show. Spacious design, plush sofas and clean lines create a picture-perfect assembly. Recessed lights in the false ceiling illuminate the room perfectly. A lovely blend of colour, pattern and texture infuses an enticing look.

gurgaon home interior design

Take a look at the distressed bar unit in blue! Doesn’t it add a vintage touch to the room? The unit is consonant with the streamlined look of the living room.

A Blissful Taste

gurgaon home interior design gurgaon home interior design

The dining room carries an elegant demeanour, making it the ideal setting for joyous conversations. In addition, upholstered seating gives extra comfort to enjoy sumptuous meals with friends and family. The white and wood dining table has an old-world charm that we find lovely.

gurgaon home interior design

To ease storage needs, a sleek crockery unit finds its place beside the dining room. While it might simple and compact, it definitely serves the purpose and fits right in!

Nestled in Comfort

gurgaon home interior design gurgaon home interior design

The TV room is also dipped in neutrals as an extension to the general tenor of the living and dining spaces. Most importantly, adding flavour to this space is the pickle-green chenille ottoman and the exposed brick wall. The sofa-cum-bed provides a cosy place to put up your feet during movie time.

A Touch of Tranquility

gurgaon home interior design gurgaon home interior design

gurgaon home interior design

The master bedroom features a minty hue that is refreshing and mild. In addition, the upholstered headboard keeps the ambience of the room snug. Giving the room a cheery uplift is a floral upholstered bench that Priya added.

gurgaon home interior design

It also features a sleek study with a compact desk and drawer for the couple. They can choose to work from home with ease with a setup like this!

Spring-time Special

gurgaon home interior design gurgaon home interior design

“It was great to work with Harneet as she gave me freedom with work with different design elements. Our design perspectives matched and she welcomed my suggestions openly.”

— Priya Chaudhary, Livspace Interior Designer

gurgaon home interior design

The spring-like feel in the parents’ room is delightful; all credits go to the lime-green wallpaper with leafy prints. While the design is minimalist with just a bed and console table, the bright spacious look is a cheery milieu to snuggle in.

gurgaon home interior design

“Priya was helpful in shaping our ideas and executing them in our home. Even the post sales support is very professional in their approach.”

— Harneet Sodhi, Livspace Homeowner

If you love this colour-play, we’re sure this floral-themed Bengaluru home will entice you. Let us know your favourite design element in the comments.


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