A Contemporary Bangalore Home That Packs A Punch

Tucked away in a reticent suburb of Bangalore, a young couple, Srikanta Sharma and his wife, Ramya, wanted a serene home that was anything but traditional. Keeping their love for modern design and spacious interiors in mind, Livspace designer Payal Kothari weaved magic into their hitherto vanilla home.


Who livs here: Srikanta and Ramya Sharma with daughters, Smruti and Sriya

Location: Nandini Layout, Bangalore

Home type and size: A 3 bedroom apartment spanning 1,050 sq.ft

Design team: Interior designer Payal Kothari with project manager Pankaj Chandak

Livspace service: Full home design

Budget: ₹₹₹

A contagious atmosphere envelopes the Sharmas’ home with decor that is minimalistic to the core. Deliciously sweet with pops of pink and mint green and supremely stylish with provincial French impressions running through the furniture, their abode is ideal for any young family. Livspace design expert, Payal Kothari fuelled her prowess to give her client a contemporary home that oozes sophistication by ridding it of their clutter.

Walls washed in eggshell white, a staple that elicits rapture, the Sharmas’ home has a generous dose of equanimity that is hard to resist. The glorious white walls eliminate chaos and open up the space, while their carved furniture was swapped out for antique-inspired French pieces.

Livspace homes_Bangalore_living room

We love the display around the media centre. It’s a great place to flaunt our kids’ arts and crafts. Their latest project was a model made from cardboard shreds of the Empire state building and London bridge.
Srikanta Sharma

Obsessed even with the minutest of details, the couple, though different in many ways (Srikanta is admittedly more outspoken and outgoing, while Ramya finds her comfort with close friends and family) agreed on the direction of their interiors, for once. Even though it was pure coincidence that they chanced upon Livspace, Sharma says he couldn’t be happier. “It felt like the designers and us were talking the same language,” he explains.

The master bedroom received a complete makeover. The clever light detailing with the mammoth mirrors on the wardrobes, give the room the illusion of space. A tiny office desk was tucked into the corner to allow the couple the pleasure of working from the comfort of their bedroom.

Livspace Homes_Bangalore_Kids Bedroom Livspace Homes_Bangalore_kids wardrobe

I told Payal didi to include anything that has a fairytale-like-inspiration. So, she chose this pattern with a girl on bicycle and lots of colourful flowers. And the fan also has mermaids on it!
– Smruti Sharma

Livspace Homes_Bangalore_study roomLivspace Homes_Bangalore_studyroom

The precocious girls, 12-year-old Smruti and her sister, 6-year-old Sriya were thrilled with how Payal translated their fascination for fairytales into a timeless wall.

The 12-year-old also adores her new mint green study room. With plenty of storage, the girls can stack their books, art supplies and more. The whiteboards are a huge favourite, since Smruti loves to keep track of her school work and activities on it.

Livspace Homes_Bangalore_corridorLivspace Homes_Bangalore_Sharmas

Srikanta and Ramya were very clear about what they wanted. That really helped speed up the design process. And the girls! They were so enthusiastic to pitch in. I’m just overjoyed they love their new room. Obviously, safety was a concern. So we rounded all the edges, and sort of baby-proofed most of their furniture and decor.
Payal Kothari, Interior Designer

Livspace Homes_Bangalore_modular kitchenLivspace Homes_Bangalore_grey cabinets_modular kitchen

The kitchen didn’t require a complete overhaul. The summery citrus backsplash was retained and Payal complemented it with pearl grey cabinets and a matching dining table.

The Sharmas simply can’t wait to throw a massive housewarming party. They are sure they’re going to be overwhelmed with adulation.

Livspace Homes_interio design consultation

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