9 Easy Vastu Tips to Set Up Your Kitchen

All kinds of energies prevail at home, but the kitchen is one area at home that attracts the most amount of energies, good and bad. There a few rules that should be applied to the kitchen, if you want to enhance its aura. From layout to small placement changes, this article is the only place you need to look for kitchen vastu tips.

Kitchen Vastu Tips #1: Plan the Layout

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So, you have a bare home and the freedom to decide where your kitchen should be built. You are in luck! Reserve the South-East corner of your home for the kitchen. According to vastu, this is the direction that is ruled by the fire element. Thus, this is perfect corner for your kitchen. If you do not find a suitable place in that corner, then the North-West direction works as well.

Kitchen Vastu Tips #2: Think of the Entrance

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Just like the layout of your kitchen, the entrance is also important, according to vastu shastra. Experts say, the entrance or the door to your kitchen should be in the East, North or West. Also, make sure it does not fall in any of the corners.

Kitchen Vastu Tips #3: Placement of the Stove

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The cooking gas is one of the most essential elements of a kitchen, after you’ve decided on a layout for your kitchen. The element of fire governs the South-East direction, hence, the stove should always be placed in that direction. Also, the person using the stove should face the East direction. This is considered auspicious according to vastu shastra.

Kitchen Vastu Tips #4: Sinks and Positivity

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Sinks and taps in the kitchen indicate flowing water and they should always be placed in the North-East direction. Also, vastu shastra says that sinks should not be placed anywhere near the stove, since water and fire are opposite elements and they repel each other.

Kitchen Vastu Tips #5: Window to Happiness

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Windows are a way to let negativity out, and vastu experts say that having a couple of windows in the kitchen is a must. An exhaust is also essential, and it should be placed in the East direction for letting out all the negative energies. Windows should also be placed in the same direction.

Kitchen Vastu Tips #6: Colours of Joy

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Vastu experts say that using black in the kitchen is considered inauspicious. Instead of that, you could use bright colours like green, orange, red and so on. These will not just make your kitchens vastu compliant, but also make them look trendy and happy!

Here are some quick fixes you can take care of without drastic changes:
Kitchen Vastu Tips #7: Refrigerator Placement Matters

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Refrigerators are increasing in size by the day and finding the right place for them in the kitchen is becoming increasingly important. According to vastu, the refrigerator should be placed in the South-West direction and at least a foot away from the corners. Avoid placing it in the North-East direction.

Kitchen Vastu Tips #8: Grain and Prosperity

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Storage is another important element in modern Indian kitchens. You require storage for food grains, utensils, crockery and so on. Storage units or cabinets should be placed in the Southern or Western walls of the kitchen. Try to avoid the Eastern and Northern walls for storing grains.

Kitchen Vastu Tips #9: Electrical Appliances

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Modern kitchens are filled with electrical appliances such as microwaves, ovens, heaters, mixers and so on. These appliances should always occupy the South-East direction in the kitchen. Make sure you never place electricals in the North-East direction.

These are just some basic tips for vastu in your kitchens, that will fill the heart of your home with positive vibes only! If you need some general vastu tips for your home, go here.

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