Cozy Fantasy (Cozy Fantasy)

Everything from the marshmallow pink and white palette to the classic teddy bear motif on the wallpaper to the thoughtful arrangement of furniture, this kids room is designed to inspire a feeling of security and innocence.  The accent wall with the lavender tree decal overlooks the generously proportioned bed. Keep framed photographs, toys and bedtime books on the Dalton wall unit which is placed at a convenient height. A night light can be kept on the Evie bedside table while the Eva bookcase can hold all your child’s toys, awards and books. When it’s time for some fun, the France rug turns into the  ultimate playground for your child with its wide size and cozy texture.


  • All interiors can be personalized to your preferences and room’s layout and size

  • Includes furniture, accessories and soft furnishings, subject to availability

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