One Wall Modular Kitchen

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  • Low Maintenance
  • Compact Kitchen
  • Straight Line

This one wall modular kitchen layout is ideal for young couples or single homeowners, who do not require a lot of space. Also known as the straight kitchen layout, this kitchen has been fitted with spice pull-out racks, a wicker basket, open spice rack and in-built appliances. This one wall kitchen design also stands out for its ease of use. Everything you need — hob, sink and storage units — is within your reach making your work in the kitchen so much faster and smoother. You can change the look of this kitchen by using different finishes like acrylic, membrane or laminate and also change the dado tiles on the backsplash. So, try out the different looks till you find one you like the best.

Size: 11'9' x 8'2"

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