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Interior Design in Mumbai: The Challenge & Opportunity

What is the most sought-after thing in Mumbai? Space. Being hard-pressed for space is a chronic issue in the sprawling metropolis, which is why you need smart design to use the limited space available to you in the best possible way. Hence, the relevance of interior design in Mumbai is probably more than any other city in India.

What is the second most scarce commodity in Mumbai? Time. That is where we come in. Livspace provides end-to-end services for home interiors to ensure that the ever-so-busy Mumbaikars can go about their business without a pause. Give us a house (lived in or brand new) and we will turn it into a home that caters to all your current needs. It is only fair that you want to know how? Let us take you through the process step by step.

Why do you need an interior designer in Mumbai?

Most people believe that they do not need an interior designer in Mumbai because they have a limited understanding of what interior designers do. A majority of people think that designers beautify the house. Adding touches of superficial beauty constitutes just 10 per cent of an interior designer’s job. Their main contribution to your home is space optimisation, structural improvisations to increase the usability of space, and ensuring a home is well-suited to the needs of those who live in it (in other words, customisation).

An interior designer in Mumbai has a thorough understanding of materials used to furnish the house including upholstery materials like leather or fabric, drapes, quality of wood, the features of laminates and membranes, etc. Our interior designers in Mumbai are also adept at devising colour schemes, ensuring colour balance within a home and using textures to change the vibe of a space. The interior designers in Mumbai do all this while negotiating with carpenters, plumbers, various vendors and other resources to deliver your dream home within a pre-determined timeline.

Why hire a Livspace Interior Designer in Mumbai?

Even if you are convinced that you need to hire the services of an interior designer in Mumbai, there are perks to hiring one from Livspace! We do not just offer you, interior designers. Livspace is not just a platform to connect homeowners with interior designers in Mumbai. We offer end-to-end design services, which include understanding your requirements, meeting with the interior designer in Mumbai, providing the costing, offering 3D visualisation of the designs, sourcing all the materials from a plethora of vendors, civil work and installations.

To illustrate why it would be in your best interest to hire Livspace interior designers in Mumbai, let us take you through the Livspace design process.

The Livspace Interior Design Process in Mumbai

Step 1: Meet your interior designer in Mumbai

Step 2: See design concepts

Step 3: Touch and feel interiors at the design centre

Step 4: Pay 10% after zeroing in on design options with an interior designer in Mumbai

Interior Design in Mumbai: The 3D Experience

We have told you that we offer end-to-end services for home interior designs in Mumbai but not how we arrive at these services. Designing a home for someone involves understanding their lifestyle in its entirety. The more personal inputs you get from the homeowners, the more effective the interior design in Mumbai. So Livspace has taken a step forward and made provisions for interior designers in Mumbai to use high-quality 3D renditions of their designs for presenting to the clients.

Once 10 per cent of the payment for an order is made, clients have access to our in-house software called Canvas. This software allows the homeowners to choose paint colours, wallpapers, readymade furniture, rugs, drapes and every other item available in our warehouses. They pick what they like with the guidance of their respective interior designers in Mumbai. The wallet function of Canvas gives a transparent breakup of how funds are being allocated for the project and what stage the work is in. This means that the homeowner does not have to physically supervise the work on site, he/she can get all these updates regularly just by logging in to Canvas.

Interior Design in Mumbai: The Experience Centers

While virtual reality tools have their perks, the Indian customer still wants to touch and feel the things they pay for. Considering interiors involve high-cost purchases like furniture, we totally understand that you need some tangibility. Hence, we have a Design Center in Lower Parel in Mumbai. This design center in Mumbai allows homeowners to actually see and experience the things they are buying before getting them installed in their homes.

The Price Perspective for Interior Designers in Mumbai:

The cost of hiring an interior designer in Mumbai is one of the main concerns of most homeowners. So let us break it down for you.

Note: Livspace charges a flat design and management fee of 8% on all projects.

Other interior designers in Mumbai may charge you for the following services:

  1. A fee per square feet which varies between ₹10 per sqft to ₹100

  2. A percentage of the total cost which varies between 6% to 20%

  3. The markup on products, which is like a commission on all products you buy including tiles and furniture

  4. Lump sum amount depending on the interior designer’s discretion

  5. Hidden charges would include the cost of site supervision by the interior designer in Mumbai, site visit charges for every time the designer visits the site and cost of iterations made to the original design, if any.

Over and above this, the standard of living in every city is different. Needless to say, the cost to hire an individual interior designer will vary from one city to another. And hiring an interior designer in Mumbai will be on the expensive side of the price spectrum considering the skyrocketing prices of real estate in the maximum city.

By opting for Livspace, you eliminate all these uncertainties associated with hiring an interior designer in Mumbai. The final price offered to you at Livspace would include furniture and products, design and management fee, charges for services, delivery and installation, and taxes.

Livspace has brought together a community of 2,000+ interior designers in and beyond Mumbai, and the numbers are growing as you read. So there are certainly enough interior designers in Mumbai to attend to your unique requests. More importantly, we have a dedicated team to attend to any problems that happen on site during the warranty period.

Mumbai Meri Jaan: Customised Solutions for Mumbaikars

Homes in the city are more compact than the rest of the country, all thanks to the exponential price of the property. So for interior designers in Mumbai, there is an overwhelming challenge of fitting requirements of a family or individual into limited space. But where others see a challenge, Livspace spots an opportunity. No wonder, the space saving strategies used by our interior designers in Mumbai have earned the accolades of numerous happy clients. Let us take you through a few of them.

What our customers are saying

“The whole interior designing process was very smooth and quick. Sakshi (Livspace designer) was very understanding and good at her job. She kept our requirements and constraints in mind. The final look of our home is exactly how we wanted it to be. We are very happy with Livspace and will definitely recommend it to our friends and family!”

“Designer Ritika’s involvement and dedication in designing our first home was commendable. Since we have very busy schedules, we did not have a lot of time to spare for discussions and meetings. But the entire team at Livspace was very accommodating and we love our new home!”

“We wanted a quick makeover for our home and Livspace happened! Janvi, our designer is a visionary and she gave us solutions for all our concerns. It was a pleasant experience with Livspace.”

“My experience of having my home designed by Livspace was smooth. I appreciate Avani’s work the most in my kitchen, where I spend a major part of my day. I also love her ideas that have materialised into the pooja space in our living room.”