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The Livspace wardrobe range

Select from our range of wardrobes suited for varying styles and budgets.

Why choose a Livspace wardrobe?
  • DuraBuild Cabinets

    with soft-closing hinges and sturdy build.

  • AquaBloc Technology

    repels moisture from entering the core.

  • AntiBubble Technology

    for a smooth and seamless finish.

  • Precision Engineered Manufacturing

    with an automated process for error-free cabinets.

  • Flat 10 year warranty*

    on all wardrobes

  • 45-day Delivery**

    with Livspace Move-in Guarantee.

T&Cs apply: *Flat 10-years for modular products. For full scope on warranty, please visit livspace.com/in/service | **For select finishes on modular products

Wardrobes for everyone

A wardrobe is personal. Let's create one unique to your needs.

Types of wardrobes

Your wardrobe influences your daily routine. Choose one that fits right.

Core materials we use

Your wardrobe is a big part of your life. Superior quality materials at the core ensure it lasts a lifetime.

Style your wardrobe

Add elegance to your room by getting the look that you want.

Wardrobe Shutter Types

Wardrobe Shutter Finishes

Select from 200+ options across solids, textures, metallics and glass.




What's in your wardrobe

Choose from our cabinets, add ons and accessories

The Cabinets



Know your wardrobe inside-out

Get familiar with the components that make your wardrobe a splendid piece of woodwork.

1. Advance connector mechanism for robust cabinet construction.

2. Cabinets assembled with chipboard screws protected by PVC sockets ensure durability

3. Soft-closing hinges reduce vibrations everytime a cabinet shuts, keeping it stress-free.

4. Cabinets rest on PVC legs keeping them safe from moisture

5. Gap between walls and cabinets to prevent moisture from affecting the woodwork.

Your dream interiors is just a click away

Turn your home into a dream home. Consult our experts.