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for your finalized kitchen design. As your design is personalized, an advance payment of 50% of order value is chargeable to process order.


It’s time for you to pick up culinary skills in a new cuisine while we do all the hard work for you. Your kitchen is delivered and installed by experts.


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What is included in Livspace kitchen design?

When you choose to design your modular kitchen with Livspace, we take care of — Design . Manufacturing . Delivery . Installation which includes all modules, countertop, skirting for modules, backsplash and pillars.

What is not included?

Demolition of your existing kitchen is not included in Livspace kitchen design service. However, we provide the service at an extra cost through our trusted vendors.

Disclaimer : While demolishing, if you wish to retain your existing countertop, we can try our best to remove it safely for reuse. However, being a fragile material by nature, we do not take liability for damages, if any, during the process of removal.

How do payments work?

Livspace accepts all major payment methods like cash, cheque, secure online payments through credit or debit card and also offers easy EMI options. Our transparent payment and billing system works as follows :

- The first consultation and Livspace studio visit is an absolutely free no-commitment affair.

- A non-refundable 10% advance payment of your tentative bill value is payable post your first meeting, following which, your design will be personalized and finalized by your very own dedicated Livspace team.

- To place your final order, a total payment of 50% of your billing amount is payable. Your earlier payment will be duly adjusted.

- The final 50% payment of your order value is payable before the kitchen reaches your door. Your team will coordinate with you for the same.

How will my Livspace designer help me?

From the very beginning a dedicated expert kitchen designer will guide you to pick the best design for your kitchen after understanding your layout, space, cooking habits and storage needs, trends as well as family size. You will be educated and advised at every step of the way, to make a well-informed choice. Everything from the modules in your kitchen to its exterior finish will be personalized as per your needs and taste. A 2D as well as 3D representative of your design will be presented to you for approval, alongside actual material swatches.

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