Zane L-shape Kitchen

Add color and style to your kitchen with a splash of red, an appetite stimulant. Combined with a few neutral cabinets and countertop and backsplash this gorgeous kitchen features a balanced look and boasts ample space for all your needs.

  • Features an easy to clean kitchen countertop and a backsplash to protect your walls.

  • Features built-in appliances that come with this kitchen.

  • All kitchen features are customizable according to your tastes.

Starting from

Rs 343,064

10 Years warranty

8 week delivery

Zane L-shape Kitchen
Zane L-shape Kitchen
from Classical collection

Available materials

  • Marine Ply


  • MDF

Available finishes

  • HPL

  • Membrane

  • Polymer

  • Acrylic

Top quality hardware and hinges



1/ What services will I get when I buy a Livspace modular kitchen?

Our design consultation, site visits, measurement services, delivery and installation are all included, free of cost, when you buy a Livspace kitchen. Other services that are included in the cost are:

  • civil work, such as levelling uneven walls

  • necessary electrical adjustments like shifting switches

  • countertop fitting and installation

Services that can be provided for an additional cost include flooring, painting and tiling.

2/ I want to buy a kitchen - how does it work?

  • Discover. Browse our online catalog of kitchen designs, especially created for Indian homes, and save the kitchen looks you love.

  • Contact. Fill up the online form and take our kitchen style quiz to show interest in a free consultation session.

  • Meet. Show your interest by filling up a quick form. We’ll get in touch and schedule your free-consultation session.

  • Consult. Meet your kitchen designer and discuss your requirements, taste, budget, layout and anything else that is needed to custom-design your kitchen. If you don’t have a floor plan, we’ll get it measured at no extra cost.

  • Finalize. Your kitchen designer will help you visualise your kitchen design options via 3D and virtual reality experiences. The design will be finalised with your approval.

  • Order. Place order for your finalized kitchen design.

  • Installation. Your made-to-measure kitchen will be delivered and installed in 8 weeks.

3/ How do I pay for my kitchen?

For your made-to-order Livspace kitchen, the payment structure is as follows :

  • 10% - On confirmation

  • 40% - On placing the finalised order

  • 50% - Before delivery and installation.

The payment can be done via online payment links/ NEFT/ cheque/ cash.

4/Can I also buy a Livspace modular kitchen on EMI?

Yes, we do provide EMI finance options on Livspace kitchens.

5/ Does the Livspace kitchen come with a warranty/guarantee?

Livspace kitchens come with a limited 10-year warranty that covers :

  • Manufacturing defects in material

  • Termite and fungus

  • Color fading (if not subjected directly to sunlight)

  • Product failure

The limited 10-year warranty is only valid if

  • The Livspace kitchen was purchased from and installed by an authorized Livspace kitchen personnel

  • The customer has proof that the payment for the product has been made in full.

  • The customer has signed the completion certificate. (Applicable in those cases where the claim arises after the installation of the kitchen)

  • The warranty certificate issued to the customer has been duly signed and stamped by the authorized Livspace personnel

Livspace kitchens are warranted to the original purchaser to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period upto 10 years from the date of possession. If the product is found to be defective upon inspection by a company authorized representative, the defective part will be repaired or replaced without charge.

The Livspace warranty is void for:

  • Damages due to usage of the product beyond its intended use, negligence, tampering, abuse, fire and natural calamity

  • Scratches, rips etc.

  • Long periods of water contact

  • Dismantling your modular kitchen, without the assistance of a Livspace professional

The warranty obligation is a Limited Warranty and is for the repair, replacement or credit adjustment of the defective component and those other components integrally associated with it.

6/What if I need service after the end of the warranty period? Will I be charged?

We are happy to provide after-sales services even after your warranty period expires. The service charges would be minimal; material charges may be incurred if anything needs replacing.

7/ Can I get the shutters replaced after a few years?

Yes, we can replace your shutters for an extra charge, payable at the time of replacement.

8/I don’t know what kind of kitchen I need! Can someone help me?

Of course! Your personal Livspace designer will be at your service, from start to finish, to help you find the exact kitchen you need. Your designer will take into account your tastes, requirements and floor plan to ensure it’s the perfect kitchen for your space.

9/Will the modular kitchen be damaged when exposed to water?

All our kitchens are designed to be resistant to the damage from water and heat. Our units are made of waterproof MDF and plywood and our backsplashes are hard-wearing and stain-proof, so there’s no risk of damage to a Livspace kitchen.

10/What materials are Livspace kitchens made of?

All Livspace modular kitchens are built to last using only the best of materials including high-grade MDF, moisture-resistant PLPB, granite, Saint Gobain glass and Quartz. Want to know more about our materials? Find info in our “Know your kitchen” page.

11/Can I also get kitchen appliances, like a hob and chimney, from Livspace?

We have multiple options for hobs and chimneys that are designed to be used in our modular kitchens. Once you have chosen your kitchen design, you can select your choice of hob, chimney, sink and faucets from state-of-the-art brands like Glen or Faber - and we will have these fitted in your custom kitchen.

12/Can I use my old stove and chimney?

If you choose, you can continue to use your existing chimney and stove with your new Livspace modular kitchen. Simply inform your designer, during the consultation session, and your kitchen will be designed keeping the same in mind.

13/Should I get my appliances built in?

We offer the option of fitting your microwave and oven straight into your units for a seamless look. Integrated appliances are a great choice for freeing up countertop space and creating a tidy and low-maintenance aesthetic.

14/What storage accessories can make my kitchen more efficient?

Livspace offers a selection of high-quality accessories from Hafele and Hettich that can be fitted into the cabinets or just wall-mounted. Choose from options including cutlery trays, plate drawers, pots & pan storage, corner carousels, spice racks, draining boards, waste disposals, RO units, flexible power sockets and many more to meet all your needs.

15/Can I take a look at the modular kitchens before buying one?

You can experience, feel and try our products at the Livspace design studio in Bengaluru and Delhi. For all other cities, currently, we offer an online-service only. Sign up for our newsletter, to be the first one to know when we come to your city.

16/Can I get my cabinets and drawers personalized to work for me?

Our designers will work with you to make sure all your units are designed to meet your specifications. From changing shelf heights to fitting drawers with accessories of your choice, your kitchen can be personalized for your exact needs.

17/ Do Livspace modular kitchens come with a built-in countertop?

Our kitchens do come with countertops in a material of your choosing:

  • Granite. A natural, luminous stone that registers no heat damage, is virtually scratch resistant, and stain resistant when sealant-coated.

  • Quartz. This lustrous engineered material is recommended for its strength and durability. It requires minimal maintenance, is non-absorbent, and resists heat damage.

  • Corian. A Corian countertop along with backsplash provides a seamless surface that is easy to clean, resistant to stains, with scratches easily buffed.

  • Vitrified tiles. An option only for backsplashes. With low porosity and water resistance, they are durable, largely unsusceptible to staining and really easy to maintain.

18/What if I already have my own countertop?

If you want to keep your countertop, you have the option of just fitting our kitchen units around your existing surfaces. Prior to building your kitchen, we’ll just need to take some measurements to ensure that the units are built to fit with your countertop. (we can check, measure first to let you know if it’s possible, or else we’ll have to demolish but can’t take liability for countertop)

19/I have a countertop but it is not installed. Can that be used with the Livspace kitchen?

If your builder has provided you with granite, we’ll install for extra cost.

20/ What if I have a tiled kitchen and I don’t like it?

We can demolish for extra cost.

21/ What if I have a tiled kitchen and I don’t like it?

No, we provide free delivery, assembly and installation services.

22/ Can my modular kitchen be fitted onto a fixed platform?

No, our modular kitchens cannot be fitted onto a fixed platform. We highly recommend that our modular kitchen be fitted on the floor for better functionality and durability.

23/ What if I need to change the layout of my existing kitchen?

For any structural changes or dismantling your old kitchen, we’ll be happy to connect you with a local contractor. Once you have got the civil work done, Livspace can take over.

24/ Will delivery and installation be done on the same day?

Since Livspace ties up with various logistic partners, same-day delivery and installation might not be possible. However, our teams would coordinate with you before and after delivery to get the kitchen installed as fast as possible, as per your convenience.

25/ How can I change my order?

Till it goes into production, you will sign off what we are going to deliver - which will contain all details of your order agreed upon and we are liable to deliver it exactly the way you ordered.

26/ What if I get something other than what I ordered?

We will take confirmation from you before we begin work to avoid such instances. In the rare case of such an occurrence, we will replace the product for you.

27/ Care Instructions for your Livspace modular kitchen

Caring for glossy and veneer finishes

  • Avoid excessive exposure to moisture, heat and spillages

  • Use coasters to prevent direct contact with hot plates and cups

  • To clean, lightly wet a soft cloth, rub gently and wipe dry

  • Avoid acidic and abrasive cleaning products

Cleaning metal hardware and hinges

  • Lightly dust hinges and other hardware with a soft brush to remove debris.

  • Clean with warm water and mild detergent.

  • Avoid corrosive cleaning agents.