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How to Keep Your Furniture Termite-free

Drive them away and keep them out!

What Affects Your Modular Kitchen Price?

What Affects Your Modular Kitchen Price?

With tips on making it less expensive!

What Is Sunmica?

What Is Sunmica?

Sunmica is a popular brand of laminates. So popular, that contractors and vendors refer to laminates in general as sunmica or mica.

Good smelling home

6 Easy Ways To Get A Home That Smells Like A Spa

Keep foul smells and odour at bay! Here we show you easy peasy ways to get a good smelling home in absolutely no time.

Bathroom flooring options

Materials 101 | Best Bathroom Flooring Options For Indian Homes

Bathroom flooring can easily enhance the look of your space. But the multitude of options out there makes it difficult to make an informed decision. Here’s what you need to look for.