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Design Tour | A Cozy And Minimalist Home

Design Tour | A Cozy And Minimalist Home

Tour this sprawling home, washed in Scandinavian notes in a very chic and neutral palette with bareboned industrial elements peeking through.

Celebrate this Ganesh Chaturthi responsibly with clay idols.

Let’s Go Eco This Ganesh Chaturthi!

Source: Ganesha Center On September 15th this year, lakhs of Ganesh devotees will throng lakes, ponds and the sea to say bye to their beloved elephant-headed God. Ganesh in return will bid farewell to his devotees having enjoyed an extravagant 11-day birthday celebration, and is supposed to return to mother Earth. But if you talk … Continue reading

Our coffee table picks that are sure to add some oomph to your living room.

5 Gorgeous Coffee Tables That Will Brighten Your Home

The quintessential centre table of our parent’s generation — meant for coffee, snacks, and the daily newspaper — has been given a new avatar, in the form of a trendy centerpiece. The coffee table has both functional and aesthetic relevance. Unlike its yesteryear counterpart, which was meant to be dragged around the living room to … Continue reading


Get A Cat-tastic Home In 5 Simple Ways

If you are a cat parent who also loves a beautiful home, we have just the perfect solution for all your catification problems. If your cat won’t stop scratching your furniture and tearing out your couch, or is simply grouchy like Garfield, it’s probably because your home isn’t cat-tastic enough. For the uninitiated, ‘catifiy’ was … Continue reading

Home Automation-cover

Home Automation | Living Like The Jetsons!

It’s the age of the Internet Of Things. The current pace of technology breakthroughs only mean one thing; we don’t need to wait until the 2060’s to live like the Jetsons. Smart homes are already a reality, and an affordable one at that. Imagine instructing your smart home to get the air conditioning switched on … Continue reading