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6 Vastu Decorative Items for Good Luck & Positivity

Add these pieces to your decor today!

Srinjoyee Dutta | April 18, 2019


9 Backsplashes for a Visibly Larger Kitchen

9 out of 10 designers vouch for this!

Srinjoyee Dutta | November 27, 2018


10 Divine Pooja Room Designs for Urban Homes

Space isn’t a constraint when you have a good design.

Srinjoyee Dutta | November 11, 2018


10-Mins Makeover: How To Decorate A House With No Money

How to decorate a house with no money! Sounds improbable, right? We’ve put together some decorating ideas you can easily try with things you have at home.

Srinjoyee Dutta | September 18, 2017


7 Diverse Wooden Wardrobe Designs To Choose From

A must-have for every Indian home — our modular wooden wardrobe designs boast elegance and functionality in equal measure.

Srinjoyee Dutta | September 04, 2017

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