The rising summer heat has got all of us spending more time under the shower than we do bingeing our favourite shows on Netflix. While nothing is better than a cool shower during this heat, an ugly bathroom can be such a killjoy! The easiest way to get that spa-esque hotel bathroom look is a makeover. Wondering how much the bathroom renovation cost will be? Read this easy guide on remodeling bathroom cost details to get the low-down.

Bathroom Renovation Cost #1: What are the Factors That Affect the Cost of Renovating Your Bathroom?

A combination of all these factors will affect the remodeling bathroom cost

Be it a bathroom renovation cost or a kitchen renovation cost, multiple factors will affect the final price. These include:

  • Tiling (both floor and walls) as well as the laying pattern
  • Plumbing
  • Fixtures and sanitaryware
  • Electricals
  • Civil modifications and waterproofing
  • Painting cost
  • Site location and age of the building
  • Other essential bathroom must-haves

Remodeling Bathroom Cost #2: The Starting Cost of Bathroom Tiling

Moroccan tiles will give your bathroom a royal look

Bathroom tiling consists of two components — wall tiles and floor tiles. The cost of bathroom tiling will depend upon the materials as well as their quality. While prices will differ from city to city, we have provided the starting estimates to give you an idea and help you in your selection process.

Economical₹45–₹50 per sq. ft. + ₹80 per sq. ft. installation
Standard₹150–₹250 per sq. ft. + ₹110 per sq. ft. installation
Premium₹450–₹650 per sq. ft. + ₹200 per sq. ft. installation

Marble or granite are common options when it comes to bathroom tiling.

The cost of bathroom tiling with both these materials ranges between ₹200–₹1000 per sq. ft.

While calculating the bathroom renovation cost, you must also consider installation charges, which vary between ₹250–₹450 per sq. ft. for these materials.

Bathroom Renovation Cost #3: The Starting Cost of Plumbing

Good plumbing = happy life

Once you are done with the tiling aspect in your remodeling bathroom cost, it’s time to move on to the plumbing. Bad plumbing can destroy the most gorgeous bathroom designs. Therefore, it is important to keep quality in mind when you arrive at a bathroom plumbing cost. It is always advisable to invest in good plumbing, to ensure that your bathroom does not give you issues in the future.

The starting cost of plumbing lines, excluding sanitary fittings is ₹17,500 per bathroom + taxes

Your bathroom plumbing cost may be quite different from this estimate based on your location. Apart from the plumbing, you must also consider waterproofing and other necessary civil modifications in your bathroom renovation cost. 

Remodeling Bathroom Cost #4: The Starting Cost of Bathroom Fixtures

Premium bathroom fixtures will give your bathroom design a luxe look

More than the flooring and the walls, what sets hotel bathrooms apart from regular ones are the fixtures. When you visit a luxury hotel, you will notice the wide variety of bathroom fixtures as well as their premium quality. If you are planning to give your bathroom a makeover, ensure that your bathroom renovation cost has a generous budget for luxe sanitaryware and fixtures. The cost of bathroom fixtures will depend upon the brand, quality and material you select. 

Bathroom Renovation Cost #5: The Starting Cost of Electricals

Statement lighting for a stunning bathroom!

Another important aspect of your bathroom renovation cost is the electrical work. This not only includes the lighting but also all other plug points for the geyser, hairdryer etc. While calculating the remodeling bathroom cost, you need to consider each plug point.

Generally, the wiring and switch control per plug point cost is ₹1,500

This may change based on your location.

Remodeling Bathroom Cost #6: The Starting Cost of Paint

Create an accent wall to bring down your cost

All you need is paint to make a bathroom go from blah to wow! While we know that white is the go-to bathroom colour for Indian homeowners, there are so many more gorgeous options you can choose from! Now comes the main question — how much to paint a bathroom? The starting cost of premium emulsion is ₹22 per sq. ft. Apart from emulsion, there are several other types of paint that you can choose, depending upon your bathroom renovation cost budget and requirements. In addition, if you’re wondering how much to paint a bathroom if have a tight budget, you can paint only a single wall in a quirky design instead of doing the entire bathroom.

Bathroom Renovation Cost #7: The Bathroom Essentials

Don’t forget a towel holder!

The difference between a functional bathroom and a luxury one is those little extra things, also known as bathroom essentials. The bathroom accessories you decide to invest in will affect your remodeling bathroom cost. Some of the must-have bathroom essentials for your bathroom renovation cost include:

  • Toilet paper holder
  • Robe hook
  • Towel rod
  • Soap tray
  • Towel ring

Your ultimate bathroom renovation cost will be an amalgamation of all these factors. Now that you know how much a bathroom remodel or renovation will cost you, find out the cost of a living room

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