If you’ve just purchased a 2BHK apartment, you’re probably looking at how much it would take to turn it into a livable home, that is, the 2 BHK interior design cost. Unfortunately, a  full home interior design cost is not something that can be easily Googled; it just isn’t the same as trying to find the price of over-the-counter items. High-value purchases like home interiors require experts like yours truly. True to our word, we’re breaking down the home interior design cost for you. 

What Affects the 2 BHK Interior Design Cost?

To start with, let’s begin by acknowledging that no one can give you a definitive 2BHK interior design cost, because no two homes or homeowners are alike. However, we can give a realistic estimate of how each of the following elements contributes to the final interior design cost.

Get the home interior design cost that will turn this from a bare space to a livable home

#1: Size

To put it quite simply, the larger your home in terms of size, the more will be the interior design cost for 2 BHK. This is basically because the interiors cover a wider area. For instance, the interior design price for a 2 BHK that is 800 sq ft will be lesser than that of a 2 BHK that is 1,200 sqft as long as other factors mentioned here don’t change. 

#2: Valuation

It’s an industry thumb rule that for a 2 BHK interior design cost, you should budget for at least 10% of the cost of your property.

So the higher the valuation per square feet area of your 2 BHK, the more your house interior design cost will be. The assumption here is that when you buy a home in a posh locality, you will end up spending more on the interiors to suit your lifestyle.

#3: Scope of design

This brings us to the next point: what does your new home require? Do you need just the essentials like wardrobes and kitchen? You can also add to this other essential storage units like crockery cabinets and TV units. On the other hand, if you would like everything from fitted furniture to wall treatments, ceilings, flooring, electrical, plumbing and civil work, all of these come under the purview of end-to-end interiors. Ultimately, the scope will affect the 2 BHK flat’s interior design cost.  

#4: Renovation vs New property

The full home interior design cost for a renovated property will always be higher than a new one if all other factors are kept constant. This is because you have to account for demolition costs or civil changes. Also, older properties are more likely to have faulty plumbing and electrical work that will need fixing. 

#5: Materials

If we were to illustrate with a simple example, if you need a T-shirt, you can choose to pick one from a high-street fashion store for an affordable price. You can pick a similar T-shirt from a branded store and it will cost you more. However, you expect the branded T-shirt to last longer. You can also buy this T-shirt from a designer brand and it will be exclusive; no one else will have the same one!

Choosing materials for your home interiors is quite similar. 

Right from the type of plywood you use to the kind of finish you opt for, every material has its pros and cons as well as price range. 

Acrylic is expensive but easy to maintain and long-lasting. Laminate is affordable and sturdy. Membrane has a seamless finish but requires maintenance. Your lifestyle choices and budget must dictate these choices. The materials you choose will determine the price for the elements around the house, including the furniture cost for 2BHK flat.

Real 2 BHKs and How Much They Cost…

Now that you know the factors that affect the 2 BHK interior design cost, let’s show you how a combination of these factors materialise into budgets for real homes. We have picked eight #LivspaceHomes and bucketed them under the following categories:

  • Homes under ₹6 lakhs
  • Interiors under ₹12 lakhs
  • Home under ₹25 lakhs
  • Interiors under ₹45 lakhs

#1: Under ₹6 Lakhs

We love working on homes within this budget because it’s challenging to make the most of a limited budget. But you’ll see that it is possible to design without compromising on the look and functionality of the design.

#1.1 A Clever & Compact Home for Mumbaikars

Opening up the kitchen was a civil cost and added to the overall interior design price
Modular furniture cost for a 2 BHK plus the price of a wallpaper for an accent wall

Budget: ₹6 lakhs
Scope: Full home design with civil changes
Size: 850 sq ft

Breakdown of cost:

The main investment in this home was the kitchen, which originally had a closed layout. To make it spacious, our design team opened up the kitchen and created a mini breakfast counter. They also used quartz for the counter and the backsplash. Apart from this, the homeowners opted for a TV unit, wardrobes in both bedrooms and beds as well. For the lone accent wall in the dining area, they used wallpaper, which is a budget option, helping in lowering the interior cost for 2BHK.

All of the above were modular and picked from the Livspace catalogue, making the furniture cost for a 2 BHK more affordable than if the pieces were customised.

You can see the full home here.

#1.2: Just the Essentials for This Compact Hyderabad 2BHK

Modular furniture from the Livspace catalogue for a low 2 BHK interior design cost
Affordable laminate finishes were chosen

Budget: ₹5.5 lakhs
Scope: Kitchen, wardrobes and storage units
Size: 1,300 sq ft

Breakdown of cost:

This Hyderabad home is a perfect example of getting the basics right. The family opted for a modular TV unit, pooja unit, kitchen and wardrobes in both bedrooms

All the furniture had an affordable laminate finish, thereby curtailing the full-home interior design cost of this 2 BHK.

Take a closer look at this home and its massive storage here

https://www.livspace.com/oembed/magazine-details-more-articles?slug=livspace-homes&title=More Articles

#2: Under ₹12 lakhs

Let’s look at some homes that have splurged on some elements of design while saving on others. 

#2.1: Cute & Compact Pune Home Has End-to-end Interiors Under 10 Lakhs

Customised partition with integrated pieces of mirror
Modular kitchen for quick installation

Budget: ₹9.5 lakhs
Scope: End-to-end interiors
Size: 750 sq ft

Breakdown of cost:

The owners of this compact 2 BHK picked everything from the Livspace catalogue, from loose furniture to decor items. The interiors include a fully furnished kitchen, wardrobes and beds for two bedrooms, a dresser unit and living room furniture. The 2 BHK interior design cost was an amalgamation of all the above items. 

All of these were modular and had laminate finishes to fit within the allocated budget.

The only customised item in this home is the partition in the living area. Here, too, the design team has used small pieces of mirror instead of a full mirror panel, which could have been expensive. Additionally, basic peripheral false ceilings have also been accommodated in this budget.

Read: The designer of this home dishes on all the ways they reduced cost without affecting the aesthetics. 

#2.2: This Pune Home Got its Essentials Renovated!

Use of emulsion paint to create accent walls
From drab to fab

Budget: ₹11 lakhs
Scope: Renovation, kitchen excluded
Size: 900 sq ft

Breakdown of cost:

This compact 2 BHK in Pune is an interesting case study. The design team here has renovated the home without making too many structural changes. Hence, the cost of demolition was limited. Moreover, the kitchen, which eats up a huge portion of any 2 BHK interior design cost, is not included in the scope of design.

You’ll be surprised to know that the design team made use of brightly coloured emulsion paint (not texture paint as is customary for accent walls) to create highlights in all the rooms. What they did spend on is wall mouldings and a customised partition in the living room. 

The family also opted for space-efficient furniture like the centre table in the living room that doubles up as a dining table too. Additionally, the modular wardrobes in both bedrooms use vertical space efficiently as they are packed with lofts.

Moreover, the lighting in this home makes it stand out from the rest. Instead of the typical false ceiling that would have reduced ceiling height, the design team has used track lights for targeted lighting.

You simply must see all the images of this vibrant home here. 

#3: Under ₹20 lakhs

Here, we’ll explore some plush and slightly high-end homes in terms of design and material choices. #3.1: Mumbai 2BHK Designed to Fit a Family of Five

Don’t miss the extended kitchen
Customised designs for wardrobes to ensure more storage

Budget: ₹20 lakhs
Scope: Full home design
Size: 950 sq ft

Breakdown of cost:

So how do you meet the requirements of a family of five within a 2 BHK? You customise and do it well! 

Customisation will usually cost you a good portion of the budget.

For instance, these sliding wardrobes are fully customised with an additional louvred shutter in the middle. Look closely at the window seating areas in the bedroom and the living area; these, too, are customised. Another important customisation in the kitchen is the extension of the slab to make it an L-shaped kitchen.  

You can check out the other cool features of this Mumbai home here. 

#3.2: A Thane 2BHK Gets a Facelift

Customised headboard designs in the bedroom
Coloured gypsum details in the ceiling

Budget: ₹14 Lakhs
Scope: Renovation, excluding kitchen
Size: 750 sq ft

Breakdown of cost:

This particular renovation project does not include the kitchen. This allowed the design team to allocate more of the home interior design cost to aesthetic aspects such as the gypsum ceiling and the brick wall in the dining area. The house also includes fancy headboards and pastel wallpapers to bring out the best in the bedrooms. 

Additionally, the family opted for space-saving furniture to ensure optimum space utilisation.

#4: Under ₹45 lakhs

Here are some premium homes in terms of finishes, materials and elaborate design ideas. 

#4.1: This Mumbai Home is Customised Perfectly for a Family of Three

Custom-made tinted mirror panels
Wall-to-wall geometric panelling

Budget: ₹30 lakhs
Scope: Full home design
Size: 900 sq ft

Breakdown of cost:

Every item in this Mumbai 2 BHK has been conceptualised and customised by our design team. The living room stands out with a gorgeous wall-to-wall tinted mirror panel. While the full-home interior design cost was quite expensive, it was deemed necessary to make the room look spacious.

What also added to the interior design price was the hidden storage.

The kitchen here is stocked with storage and has a high-gloss laminate finish. The master bedroom has customised furniture along with an expensive wall panelling feature which adds to the interior design cost. The kid’s room is customised end-to-end with a loft bed, storage underneath it and personalised elements like a storage unit with their daughter’s name on it. All of these come together to make a beautifully space-optimised 2 BHK in Mumbai. 

#4.2: 5 Things in This Freshly Renovated 2BHK That Made Us Go Wow!

A change in the kitchen layout saved plenty of space
Exclusive custom designs for a plush look

Budget: ₹45 lakhs
Scope: Renovation
Size: 750 sq ft

Breakdown of cost:

If you are wondering why a compact 2 BHK like this one has a budget of a whopping ₹45 lakhs, let’s break it down for you.

This was a 12-year-old MHADA property that was completely torn down and designed from scratch.

Everything from flooring, plumbing, ceilings, walls to electrical wires has been revamped. Moreover, the layout was changed around the kitchen area. The entrance, too, was changed to make space for a fully customised pooja unit. Over and above the custom solutions, the family also opted for expensive veneer finishes. Just the uncut marble washbasin you see here costs a fortune!

Click here to check out other plush elements in this home.

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