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25+ Trendy Small Balcony Design Ideas for Mumbai Homes You’ll Love

Aamchi Mumbai may be synonymous with cramped spaces but that’s where small balcony design ideas for Mumbai homes can make a difference. Scroll down to see ekdum jhakaas Mumbai apartment balcony ideas that allow you to do more with less


15 Modern Balcony Grill Design Styles That Are Made for a Perfect Home

A pretty balcony is nice to have, but a safe balcony is just as important. This list of balcony grill designs for apartments can show you how it’s done.


14 Balcony Tiles Designs That Will Floor You

Tried and tested options from Livspace Homes!

5 Beautiful Jhoola Designs Your Balcony Will Absolutely Love

5 Beautiful Jhoola Designs Your Balcony Will Absolutely Love

For the child in you

outdoor balcony design cover

Make Your Balcony a Beautiful Space With These 5 Practical Design Ideas

For balconies of all sizes


9 Easy Steps to Set Up a Stunning Balcony That’s Low on Maintenance

We’ve got tips for rental homes too

balcony seating ideas-cover

10+ Balcony Seating Ideas for Both Big and Small Balconies

Includes swings, wicker chairs, rugs and many more!

6 Stunning Ideas That Will Actually Uplift a Small Balcony

6 Stunning Ideas That Will Actually Uplift a Small Balcony

Small Balcony ≠ Dull Balcony


9 Balcony Designs That Will Make You Want to Use it Everyday

Ideas that reflect your lifestyle!

Blog 1 3 scaled

How to Transform Household Items Into Balcony Planters

Get started on your balcony garden!

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