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Live Like the Badshah of Bollywood With Furniture Inspired By SRK’s Homes, All Under ₹3 Lakh

Instead of watching your favourite celebs on the big screen, you can now live like them too! Let us show you how.


Sima Aunty Approved: Top 5 Homes from Indian Matchmaking on Netflix & How To Get Them

Do you also love to seek design inspiration from the homes of your favourite celebrities?? Well, if you are obsessed with Indian Matchmaking, then your stars have definitely aligned! We have compiled a list of the top 5 homes from the show that are giving us design goals.


Live Like The Stars! 10 Ways Celebrity Home Interior Designs Achieve Their Glitz and Glamour

Give your home a makeover with these stunning celebrity home interior design ideas


6 Maximalist Home Decor Ideas From Sonam Kapoor’s House That You Can Follow

Not all maximalist interior ideas are expensive. Here are some easy takeaways from Sonam Kapoor’s house that are simple yet effective when used.


10 Stunning Celebrity Kitchen Design Ideas to Give You a Glimpse of the Glam Life

Kitchen designs to awake the masterchef in you


4 Famous Movie Houses Where You Can Actually Stay

Check out the real homes from famous Bollywood and Hollywood movies


7 Tips on How to Decorate Your Home Like the Villa From Dear Zindagi

“Alexa, play ‘Love You Zindagi’ while I read this!”


Livspace Exclusive: Q&A With Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma on All Things Decor

We finally get to know how many plants Anushka Sharma has


We Created a Budget Version of Tamannaah Bhatia’s Home in Under ₹10 Lacs!

And here’s what it looks like

How to Design a Quirky, Personal and Experimental Home Like Rajkummar Rao

How to Design a Quirky, Personal and Experimental Home Like Rajkummar Rao

Design secrets inside

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