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How to store groceries in style in a spacious kitchen

Our reader’s corner section features questions from our readers and provides insights on all topics related to home design, homekeeping and interiors. This edition’s question: I just moved into a new home and thankfully it has a massive kitchen. I’d like to dedicate an area to storing groceries. What are my options? -Nivi Srivastava, New […]

Couples Cooking : Two Cook Kitchen Design Ideas

Couples Cooking : Two Cook Kitchen Design Ideas

It’s a wonderful feeling to have a better half who loves to cook and feed others as much as you do. At your house parties, the spotlight falls on both of you for the drool-worthy food you cook, cooking shows become your favourite and your mothers are the go-to person when both your ideas fail […]

eco-friendly kitchen

3 Easy Ways To Make Your Kitchen Eco-Friendly

With gallons of water being wasted through leaking faucets and toxic air pollution, our environment has been in grave danger lately. However, you can embark on a change towards a greener, healthier lifestyle starting from the within the four walls of your kitchen.Here we tell you three easy, simple ways to make your kitchen more […]

antique glass kitchen cabinet

Kitchen Trend | Glass Cabinets

Classy and elegant, glass cabinets are a great way to add style to your kitchen. We take a look at how they can transform the overall look and feel of your kitchen. Conventionally, kitchen cabinets were regarded as an entirely functional feature of the kitchen – they were primarily meant to hide away your unattractive utensils …

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Kitchen Design Trends | Two Tone Color Schemes

Fresh, eye-catching and contemporary, two-tone color schemes in kitchen design are all the rage right now! In this article, we look at how you can use this  trend to make a statement in your kitchen. Two tone schemes have quite captured the contemporary kitchen design scene. Having a single color dominating the color palette in …

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