The false ceiling design trend has gained considerable traction in India, becoming a staple in contemporary home decor. The ceiling design landscape has evolved remarkably, offering homeowners an unprecedented array of choices. Yet, this abundance can often lead to a sense of overwhelm. Therefore, homeowners must pinpoint their personal preferences before diving into a ceiling design project. Before exploring the plethora of available designs, let’s understand what defines a false ceiling.

What is a false ceiling?

Give your room a stylish look with false ceilings

So, what exactly is a false ceiling? Essentially, it’s a type of ceiling designed to fit beneath the original ceiling. Typically suspended by wooden or metal frames, a false ceiling design creates the illusion of a lower ceiling. Sometimes, portions of the original ceiling remain visible, earning it the nickname ‘dropped ceiling’.

The construction of a false ceiling can be undertaken in any home, regardless of its size. Typically, this type of ceiling is installed at a minimum distance of 8 inches from the original ceiling.

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Selecting the right materials

When selecting the material for your false ceiling design, it’s crucial to align it with your desired outcome. Additionally, it’s essential to research the ceiling prices in advance to calculate your expenses accurately. If you’re seeking inspiration for various types of ceiling designs, feel free to peruse this curated list!

#1: Get a visually airy gypsum false ceiling

Use gypsum for lightweight false ceilings

Gypsum, derived from calcium, is a common material utilised in crafting lightweight ceilings. Typically available in the form of boards, these are suspended from the ceiling using iron or wooden frameworks before being painted.

Standard gypsum false ceiling price: ₹75 to ₹85 per sq. ft. + 18% GST* (For a gypsum false ceiling with a Gyproc board and local A-grade channels)

Premium gypsum false ceiling price: ₹90 to ₹105 per sq. ft. + 18% GST* (For a gypsum false ceiling with premium Gyproc board and channels)

#2: Get a POP false ceiling design for durable interiors

Level up your game with a false ceiling design for a lounge that’s anything but ordinary!

Plaster of Paris or POP false ceilings are among the most prevalent types found in India and for good reason. Renowned for their insulating properties, POP ceilings are particularly well-suited to handling diverse weather conditions, making them a popular choice for hall designs.

POP ceiling price (Plaster of Paris): ₹95 to ₹105 per sq. ft. + 18% GST*

#3: Soothe your room with a wooden laminate ceiling design

Adds a warm touch to your room

Thanks to its natural grain and texture, wooden false ceilings are highly popular. However, its relatively higher cost means it’s more commonly found in residential buildings rather than large-scale commercial projects.

Laminate false ceiling price: ₹700 to ₹800 per sq. ft. + 18% GST

The first two types of false ceiling options are more commonly chosen. For a consolidated overview of all three materials, please refer to the table below.

MaterialsPrice range*MaintenanceFire-proofWaterproof
Gypsum₹75 to ₹105 per sq. ft. + 18% GSTLowYesYes
Plaster of Paris₹95 to ₹105 per sq. ft. + 18% GSTLowYesYes
Laminate₹700 to ₹800 per sq. ft. + 18% GSTLowNoNo

*The prices mentioned in this blog are an estimate of false ceiling design costs based on the scope of work. Your overall false ceiling design prices can vary depending on the city, labour charges, material and finish, design and the size of your home.

How is the false ceiling design cost calculated?

Multiple factors are involved while calculating the false ceiling cost per sq. ft. These include:

  • Design: Picking more complex designs will make it costlier
  • Size: Larger ceiling areas can generally cost more
  • Quality: Choosing high-quality materials may be more expensive initially, but they offer better durability and a higher return on investment (ROI)  
  • Availability: If the materials you are using are easily available in the market, transportation and logistic costs can be reduced
  • Additional cost: This includes the cost of finishes, fittings, cutting, lighting, accents, labour, etc.

Types of false ceiling designs

Here’s a rundown of classic and trendy designs that can complement your home, assisting you in deciding which type of false ceiling is best suited for your needs.

#1: Experiment with a single-layered false ceiling

This false ceiling design will draw the eye upwards immediately

Looking to give your space a stylish upgrade without going overboard? Look no further than a single-layered ceiling! Not only does it add dimension to your room, but it also maintains an elegant simplicity that won’t overpower your space. But don’t let its simplicity fool you – you can still infuse plenty of character by playing with colours, shapes, textures, and lighting.

#2: Stack up with a multilayered false ceiling design

Open up new avenues for adding lighting with exquisite false ceiling design for the lounge

If you are looking for the best false ceiling design for a hall, layering is the way to go. They open up exciting opportunities to play with colours, lighting and textures, allowing you to craft a truly personalised ceiling design. Layers are a great way to innovate with an already versatile medium to create a completely personalised ceiling design. It can also create the illusion of a bigger room.

#3: Create an elaborate false ceiling with plus-minus POP

Factor in existing decor plans for this one

The plus-minus POP design embraces a contemporary style with protruding elements and breaks away from conventional norms. It’s all about making a statement with bold, elaborate features that demand attention. Before diving in, consider your decor plans and available space – this ceiling design thrives in environments where creativity knows no bounds.

#4: Add a coffered false ceiling design for drama

Create the illusion of higher ceilings with this false ceiling design

Coffers are sunken square or boxy panels that are fixed into a ceiling. Aside from instantly bringing drama into a space, this ceiling design also creates the illusion of a higher ceiling height and multiple dimensions within a room.

False ceiling shapes to consider

Among the top choices, POP false ceiling designs stand out for their ability to be moulded into any desired shape, making them incredibly popular. Here are some examples of shapes that have solidified their place on the list of favourites.

#1: Box in your ceiling design

Go for boxed false ceiling designs for the lounge to get a modern look

With its captivating geometric pattern, a boxed false ceiling design adds a touch of modern flair that sets your space apart from the ordinary. Plus, those recessed lights aren’t just for show – they’re your secret weapon for setting the perfect ambience, whether it’s a cosy night in or a lively gathering with friends.

#2: Save space with a peripheral false ceiling design

This design allows space for a chandelier with a peripheral false ceiling

Maximise space in low-ceiling homes with this minimalistic design that hugs the room’s corners. It’s the perfect canvas for showcasing a stunning chandelier or pendant lights.

#3: Flaunt a geometric ceiling design

Use a geometric false ceiling design for the lounge for a stylish edge

Add a stylish edge to your hall with suspended panels forming geometric patterns. This design exudes a contemporary charm like no other.

#4: Amp it up with intricate latticework

The intricate lattice design glams up the room

Let intricate lattice designs steal the spotlight, subtly dividing the space while elevating its aesthetic appeal.

#5: Decorate your false ceiling with wooden slats 

Add a sophisticated Indian touch to your room with wooden slats

Infuse your room with a sophisticated Indian touch by incorporating wooden slats into your false ceiling design. This false ceiling design for the lounge not only adds insulation but also exudes timeless elegance.

#6: Balance with an inverted cove ceiling design

This design can work in every room

Bring balance to any room with this versatile option, ideal for reducing the height of high ceilings and creating a cosy ambience with ambient lighting.

#7: Simple and minimal false ceiling design

Beauty in simplicity

Sometimes, less is more. Opt for a simple and minimalistic false ceiling design to create an illusion of spaciousness, complemented by recessed lights that add a touch of elegance to the space.

Advantages and disadvantages of false ceiling designs:

We understand that you could still be on the fence about whether you should go for false ceilings. To help you make an informed decision, here’s a comprehensive table outlining the advantages and disadvantages of these designs.

Advantages of a false ceilingDisadvantages of a false ceiling
A false ceiling creates great acoustics.
This makes it a great design
treatment for living rooms,
home theatres and AV rooms
It requires expert precision
to install and design false ceilings
It hides pipes and wires easilyImproper installation poses
the risk of fixtures falling off
It’s great for balancing your
room height if you
have a high ceiling
It’s not a suitable option for
homes with low ceilings.
The ceiling height should
be more than 11 feet
False ceilings simplify home insulation:
in cold climates, they trap
air to maintain warmth,
while in hotter regions,
they enhance air conditioner
efficiency by containing
and circulating cool air
It needs constant maintenance
as compared to traditional ceilings,
which means durability is
comparatively lesser

What is the ideal place to install a false ceiling?

There is no thumb rule regarding where you can install a false ceiling design but here are some of the popular options:

#1: Elevate your living room with a false ceiling design

Welcome guests with a pleasant sight

Make a striking first impression on your guests. A false ceiling in the living room adds grandeur and creates the illusion of spaciousness, instantly enhancing the room’s size.

#2: Amp up your bedroom with a captivating false ceiling design

Add drama to your bedroom

Infuse drama into your bedroom space. Experiment with patterned ceiling designs to achieve a stunning aesthetic without sacrificing comfort or warmth.

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#3: Enrich your children’s room with a playful false ceiling design

Experiment with shapes for your kids’ room

Let your playful side come out while designing your kid’s bedroom. Explore various shapes, designs and lighting options to create a vibrant and imaginative environment.

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#4: Illuminate your kitchen with innovative false ceiling solutions

Keep it offbeat to make a statement

Break away from convention and make a bold style statement in your kitchen. A false ceiling design not only adds sophistication but also provides additional lighting without occupying wall or countertop space.

#5: Introduce grandeur to the dining room

Match the dining table with grand ceiling options

Create an intimate dining experience by lowering the ceiling. Mimicking the material of the dining table adds cohesion to the room’s design, enhancing its grandeur and warmth.

#6: Light up your pooja room

 A minimal false ceiling design with energy-conserving LED lighting

Despite limited space, a well-lit prayer area remains essential. Opt for a minimal false ceiling design paired with energy-efficient LED lighting to illuminate your prayer room effectively while conserving energy.

Things to consider while investing in a false ceiling design

  • Ease of installation – Choose materials that are easy to install and don’t demand specialised labour
  • Fire resistance – Prioritise safety by selecting a fire-resistant false ceiling material
  • Sound isolation – Opt for materials that provide sound isolation, especially if you reside in a bustling city
  • Durability – Ensure longevity by selecting durable materials for your false ceiling
  • Economy – Keep your budget in check when investing in a false ceiling, ensuring it aligns with your financial plan
  • Versatility – Explore materials that offer versatility, allowing them to be moulded into various shapes and patterns to suit your design preferences

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