The fifth wall or the ceiling has remained anonymous for years in India. There were days when no matter what colour you put on your walls, the ceiling would remain white. In a lot of cases, the ceiling paint was of a lower quality than the one used on the walls as well. However, in the last few couple of years, the fifth wall has gotten its due share of importance, thanks to the widespread popularity of wooden false ceilings.

False ceilings are secondary ceilings suspended from the original structural ceiling of a room. Commonly made from POP or gypsum board, these are attached to the beams, walls or the structural ceiling itself and include cut-outs for lighting and air-conditioning.

Our latest love, as the top interior designers and architects in the country would agree, are wooden accents in false ceilings. Besides, classy and elegant style can be executed in a number of interesting ways and will add a whole new dimension to your spaces. We’ve put together some inspiration to get you started.

Wooden false ceiling idea #1: Metal magic
Wooden false ceiling_metal
An ideal combination

Nothing spells elegance quite like wood paired with warm metal accents. Stylish pendant light fixtures attached to the false ceiling highlight the dining area. Therefore, this adds a touch of shimmer to your interiors.

Wooden false ceiling idea #2: Recessed lighting
Wooden false ceiling_recessed lights
Light in the dark

Recessed lighting can enhance the look of your wooden ceiling accents, as seen in this tasteful lounge area. Easily installed in wooden false ceilings, these lights will illuminate your room brilliantly. Consequently, suspended chandeliers can be added to highlight each zone beautifully.

Wooden false ceiling idea #3: LED to the rescue
Wooden false ceiling_led lights
Warm and soft

LED lights embedded in the wooden false ceiling cast a soft glow in this dining area, creating a mellow and restful mood perfect for family mealtimes. When you do not want harsh lighting at home, these LED lights are your best bet.

Wooden false ceiling idea #4: Play with dimensions
wooden false ceiling ideas
Different dimensions

A large panel of wood above the U-shaped seating area brings texture and warmth to this family-style living room. It’s also relaxing to look up from the comfort of your couch!

Wooden false ceiling idea #5: Unique lattice
Wooden false ceiling_jaali panels
Start with a bang!

Lattice-work wooden ceiling panels, paired with the right type of concealed lighting, can be a really interesting addition to any room. However, these can be custom-made in different patterns to suit your taste. Subsequently, this foyer space has a beautiful lattice-work panel that instantly lights up the room!

Wooden false ceiling idea #6: Get in rafters
Wooden false ceiling_faux
Looking up to perfection

Wooden rafters are another way to add a note of refinement to your interiors. Therefore, you can have these cover your entire ceiling or use them to highlight only portion. Furthermore, this living room had rafters put up to set a charming traditional ambience.

Wooden false ceiling idea #7: Ditch plain ceilings
wooden false ceiling ideas
Adding tasteful texture

Your wooden ceiling doesn’t have to be plain. Subsequently, you can opt for a textured one made of planks, like the example in the dining room above, to add more visual interest.

Want some more ideas to make that fifth wall look unique? Take a look at these 5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Ceiling.

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