Kitchen is the one place where space planning, aesthetics and functionality have to come together flawlessly for a smooth culinary experience. It is not just the heart of the home where the family congregates, it is also the zone where you can create your masterpieces. At Livspace, our primary considerations are your comfort and to utilise the available space well. But add our aesthetic sense to the milieu, you have your dream space ready. Here are some kitchen designs to suit all kinds of personalities and lifestyle needs.


Honeycomb pattern on the backsplash FTW

Layout: U-shaped

The white on wood combination resonates the Scandinavian design while giving your kitchen a light and spacious look.


Make it glossy with acrylic cabinets

Layout: Straight

If white on wood is too dull for your style, try this pop of yellow in one row of cabinets!


Opt for easy-to-clean materials for easy maintenance

Layout: U-shaped

Small or large kitchens, light colours always give it an air of positivity.


An all-grey look for the classy folk

Layout: L-shaped

Another popular neutral shade is grey. You can really bring out the beauty of the kitchen by adding a quirky backsplash in the same tones.


Choose the colour that appeals to you

Layout: Straight

You can also decide to go all white while giving it a pop of colour for the open units.


Black and white zig-zag pattern looks fetching

Layout: Open

Want it all? Then go for this pattern and ensure you give a contrasting backsplash to really amp up the style quotient in your culinary zone.


Compact kitchens need not look boring

Layout: L-shaped

A pop of orange complements the clean white tones in this kitchen. Take your pick and watch it work its magic. Works especially well for compact kitchens.


Such a bright and happy space

Layout: Parallel

While the cabinets are done up in neutral shades, it’s the wall colours that really add the element of drama to the space. Here are 5 Secrets to a Timeless Kitchen.


Go for pops of red for a subtle look

Layout: L-shaped

This is not for the faint-hearted. The bright red cabinets are matched with white to tone balance the effect. This is one of those latest kitchen design trends we love!


Perfect for anyone who loves colour!

Layout: Straight

Calling the free-spirited chefs out there! Perfect for singles and families, this kitchen design is made fun by the exposed brick backsplash. One of our favourite kitchen design trends!


Experiment with herringbone pattern on the floor

Layout: Parallel

Those who want a design to stay flexible over time should invest in a kitchen that’s neutral. You can experiment with the backsplash if you want!


Give your cabinets a classic touch with profile shutters

Layout: Straight

Wooden tones are in, and how! Give your compact one-wall kitchen this design for a timeless look. This is a great idea for low budget kitchens.


Break the monotony with a printed backsplash

Layout: L-shaped

A combination of open, closed and glass shuttered cabinets, this kitchen is perfect for big families.


Add a cosy dining table in the corner

Layout: L-shaped

Intelligent space planning can transform a compact space into a power-packed zone like this one. With dedicated zones for all needs, this is all a young family needs.


White automatically makes your kitchen look brighter

Layout: L-shaped

White never goes out of style! This kitchen design is proof of that. Get a finish that is easy to clean and maintain and you’re good to go!


Pair striking colours for a unique look

Layout: Straight

Who ever thought purple could mix with white so well! Uplift the mood in your kitchen by giving it a makeover like this. Perfect for small kitchens.


You can never go wrong with teal blue

Layout: Open

This is one of our most favourite designs for its stunning aesthetic and simplicity. Large spaces really come to life with bold hues like this.


Black and white pair up very well

Layout: G-shaped

Predominantly white, this kitchen combines lighter tones with black for a stunning effect.


The perfect kitchen for a large family

Layout: U-shaped

If you have the luxury of a large kitchen, you should absolutely invest in kitchen designs such as this, with plenty of counter space, storage options and a beautiful island for the whole family to congregate.


Always pick glossy finish when opting for cherry red cabinets

Layout: Parallel

Finished in high gloss, the cherry red can be quite breathtaking for an onlooker. This kitchen design can be yours! Go here, to know how much it will cost you.


Evergreen wooden and white combination

Layout: U-shaped

We decided to give you some conventional but always popular options like this. Wooden grains bring a warmth that is unparalleled.


Make the backsplash the centrepiece

Layout: G-shaped

Open kitchens can be welcoming and fun when designed well. Team up contrasting shades for a stunning finish.


A window at the right position can make a lot of difference

Layout: L-shaped

If you have the luxury of plenty of natural light, we recommend a bold red such as this that will take your breath away!


Profile lights facilitate counter visibility

Layout: G-shaped

Did you know that doing up the overhead cabinets in white or cream can make the room feel bigger? Try it and add a stunning backsplash and pendant lights for an overall charm in kitchen designs.


Pick any colour from the palette if you dare to!

Layout: L-shaped with island

Island kitchen designs come in handy where there is little counter space. You can mix-n-match quirky shades for that fun factor.


Granite countertops can be matched to the backsplash

Layout: L-shaped with island

If you have a large family, this layout will be perfect, allowing multiple cooks to work at the same time. The shades are basic, but impressive.

We have more designs for you right here: 15+ Ideas | Big Makeover for Small Kitchens.

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