A common misconception among homeowners is that interior design is expensive. However, good design can be cost-effective too, as you’ll be able to see from this beautiful home in Cleo County, Noida. Leena and Pankaj had a strict budget which had to be adhered to. As such, our designer, Seema Joshi, ensured the couple got their dream home, within a budget of only ₹11 lakhs!

At first, the couple approached Livspace to only get their false ceiling and living room done. However, they were so impressed by our work that they decided to get their pooja room and master bedroom designed as well!

Who Livs here: Leena Sood, her husband Pankaj Mahajan, their baby daughter and Leena’s mother
Location: Cleo County, Noida
Size of home: A 3BHK + servant’s area spanning 2,100 sq. ft. approx.
Design team: Interior Designer Seema Joshi and Project Manager Mohit Bishnoi
Livspace service: Living room, pooja room and master bedroom with false ceilings and painting
Budget: Around ₹11 lakhs


Design Brief

A home with a minimal base, pops of vibrant colours and some planters—all completed within a budget—and without changing the existing furniture

What We Loved

The way a combination of pop colours, gold accents and mirror panels has been used to create a minimal yet glam effect

Look Out for

— The hanging planters in the living room
— The pooja room that was built after breaking down the servant’s area
— Mirror panelling in the dining area that creates the illusion of space

Smart Buy

The pooja room

Biggest Indulgence

The partition in the living room

3BHK Cleo County Noida Floor Plan

The floor plan

What Went Into Creating Leena and Pankaj’s Dream Home at Cleo County, Noida

Every homeowner comes with certain unique requirements. As interior designers, it’s our aim to ensure these needs are met, such that our homeowners get their dream home! Similarly, Leena and Pankaj also had certain asks, and here’s how we delivered on them.

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Leena and Pankaj’s Requirement #1: Pops of Colours

A neutral base with vibrant pops

Leena and Pankaj wanted some bright colours in their home. However, they wanted the overall look to be minimal.

Livspace Solution #1: Minimal Base With Vibrant Blue Pops

  • A minimal base, as per Leena and Pankaj’s needs
  • The furniture, ceiling and flooring feature neutral colours
  • However, vibrant blue curtains and a soft blue accent wall add a pop
  • Additionally, gold accents provide a touch of glam

Leena and Pankaj’s Requirement #2: An Element of Freshness

Hanging planters in the living room

The couple wanted some greenery in their home in the form of plants.

Livspace Solution #2: Hanging Planters in the Living Room

  • Hanging planters against the texture-painted wall
  • This adds an element of freshness and is a unique alternative to regular plants

Leena and Pankaj’s Requirement #3: A Minimal Partition

A simple yet glam partition dividing the living and dining areas

Considering the open layout of their home, Leena wanted a partition that would help in displaying decor but not segregate the living and dining areas. However, she was very precise about one thing: she wanted a simple partition unit which was light and minimal.

Livspace Solution #3: A Partition Made of Glass

  • Glass for the partition creates a light appearance
  • Hints of gold to elevate the glam factor

Leena and Pankaj’s Requirement #4: A Spacious Pooja Room

A holy space to sit and meditate

A pooja room is a must in most Indian homes! Leena too wanted a separate pooja space, a place that could accommodate multiple people during havans, prayer sessions and festivals.

Livspace Solution #4: Servant’s Area Converted Into a Pooja Room

  • Seema broke down the separate servant’s area and closed the entrance
  • She created a private nook for the pooja room

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A Visual Tour of This Beautiful Home

Join us as we take you on a tour of this minimal yet glamorous home in Cleo County, Noida.

#1: The Luxurious Living Room

Here’s how the living room looked before the design
A beautiful, open-layout living area
Add a pop with some hanging planters on your wall
A white base with glam accents in this living room
  • The overall look is minimal yet glam
  • One of the main asks was a light partition for decor
  • Additionally, we also gave the couple a light and sleek TV unit and some hints of greenery

Budget Buy: The TV unit and storage rack are made of laminate.

#2: The Space-Efficient Dining Room

The chairs match the curtains in the living room
Smart design can help you make a room look more spacious
  • The dining space was quite compact
  • To make the space look bigger, Seema created a wall with glass panelling
  • Glass can create the illusion of space
  • Additionally, the false ceiling with lighting helps in brightening up the space and making it look bigger
  • Livspace crockery cabinet in white with some display space and plenty of storage

Budget Buy: The crockery cabinet is laminate.

#3: The Elegant Master Bedroom

Here’s how the master bedroom looked before the design
A simple yet beautiful master bedroom
Pops of blue in this all-white room
A multifunctional TV and study unit when you need to work from home

At first glance, Leena and Pankaj’s master bedroom stands out due to its simplicity and elegance. However, there are so many design secrets hidden in this room!

  • Pankaj often needs to work from home. During the 1st phase we gave them a modular TV unit
  • Once we started the 2nd phase, we attached a modular study unit in the same material and colours for a seamless look
  • Additionally, the beams on the false ceiling were uneven. To save the height, Seema created a cove in a tapered shape instead of opting for multiple levels

Budget Buy: Laminate TV unit, wardrobe and study unit.

#4: The Divine Pooja Room

Always ensure your pooja unit has storage space for samagri
A specially created nook in the living area for the pooja room

Our designer Seema tells us that for the pooja room, Leena came to her with an image and wanted the exact same design. Once Seema delivered the completed unit, Leena loved how the design turned out!

  • The pooja unit stands out due to the vast number of finishes
  • While the lower storage area is modular laminate, the rest is customised
  • The veneer side panels and jaali partition give this unit a traditional look
  • Moreover, the side panels also feature acrylic mirror-finish strips
  • The backpanel has a Duco finish as well as some texture paint

Budget Buy: The laminate storage drawer

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