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How to Design Apartment Balconies of All Sizes

With garden and seating options!

Aunishka Lodh | January 10, 2020


Think Big With Your Small Balcony

Compact balcony done right!

Livspace Editorial Team | January 03, 2020


Seating for All Types of Balconies

Includes swings, wicker chairs, rugs and many more!

Renita Pereira | December 19, 2019


Balconies from #LivspaceHomes That Will Floor You

There’s a design for every type!

Livspace Editorial Team | October 29, 2019


5 Awesome Outdoor Furniture Ideas For Your Garden

Check out these super cool DIY outdoor furniture ideas that are totally doable.

Srishti Jain | January 30, 2018

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