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How to Make Bathrooms Safe for the Elderly?

Tips on fittings, lighting and more.

Shradha Mohanty | January 12, 2020


20-Year-Old Kitchen Gets Basic Revamp

In an elder-friendly design!

Niki Saju | August 09, 2019


3 Stimulating Colour Schemes For Your Elderly Parent’s Bedroom

Deciding color schemes for your elderly parent’s bedroom can be a daunting task. Take a cue from these ideas and get going!

Livspace Editorial Team | September 30, 2017


Elder-friendly | Kitchen Design Tips for Senior Citizens

With age, even simple tasks can seem daunting. Throw in navigating through slippery floors, digging through deep drawers and poor lighting; the kitchen can rapidly become a frightening space. If your elderly parents are living with you, or by themselves, it’s probably best to remodel the kitchen or install a new one, keeping these universal … Continue reading

Linsiya Patrao | July 26, 2016


Elder-friendly | How To Choose Furniture For Senior Citizens

Our quick and easy tips help you pick the right reading chair, foot stool and storage to create an elder-friendly environment Buying furniture for senior citizens is not simply about aesthetics. With age-related problems like aching backs, weak knees, joint and muscular ailments, a great deal of thought should go into choosing furniture that provides … Continue reading

Shradha Mohanty | July 24, 2016

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