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5 Things to Know Before Getting an Open Kitchen

Design, layout, lighting, the works!

Srishti Jain | February 12, 2019


6 Kitchen Trends to Watch Out for This Year

For the makeover your kitchen deserves.

Srishti Jain | April 10, 2018


10 Inspiring Island Kitchen Designs for Your Home

Island kitchen designs to celebrate your culinary expertise.

Renita Pereira | March 03, 2018


Basics of Kitchen Design: Popular Layouts

6 kitchen layouts to consider before designing your ideal kitchen.

Renita Pereira | February 28, 2018


6 Kitchen Island Designs That Will Steal Your Heart

Looking for inspiration to design your new kitchen island? We have a few designs up our sleeves, to make your kitchens look stylish!

Livspace Editorial Team | September 19, 2017

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