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Acrylic or Laminate: Which is the Better Finish?

The lowdown on features and affordability.

Livspace Editorial Team | October 31, 2019


Does Laminate Flooring Work for Indian Homes?

It’s as gorgeous as wooden flooring & cheaper!

Anwesha Barari | September 12, 2019


What Is Sunmica?

Sunmica is a popular brand of laminates. So popular, that contractors and vendors refer to laminates in general as sunmica or mica.

Barnini Chatterjee | July 27, 2017


Need To Know | All About Laminates

From wall panels to floors and furniture, laminates are now widely used in virtually all elements of interior design. But what are they, how much do they cost and when should you use them? We answer it all and more. If you have ben recently shopping for interiors, there are more chances than not that … Continue reading

Archana Rajendran | November 12, 2015