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Flooring Ideas to Steal from #LivspaceBalconies

Balconies that will FLOOR you!

Anwesha Barari | December 03, 2019


Pleasing Pastel Colors for Home Decor

Refreshing Livspace designs coming right up!

Aunishka Lodh | September 30, 2019


5 Ways to Use Hexagonal Tiles at Home

The honeycomb pattern is the latest big thing!

Livspace Editorial Team | August 29, 2019


Wooden vs Tile Flooring: What’s Actually Better?

From aesthetics to maintenance!

Renita Pereira | January 29, 2019


15+ Kitchen Wall Tile Designs That Will Blow Your Mind!

The oomph factor your kitchen needs.

Livspace Editorial Team | September 01, 2018

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