What’s one of your most favourite childhood memories? While trying to narrow down on an answer, you might recall the days when you’d play interior design and decorate your own bedroom. After all, those were the days when even the smallest change to our kids’ room design made us feel like entirely new people! Now, as homeowners, you might want to share these memories with your kids and give them their own space to adore and enjoy. Here’s where you might be on the lookout for kids’ bedroom design ideas for a touch of inspiration.

From cartoon-inspired spaces to fun play zones, from sober teen rooms to lively nurseries, we have some beautiful kids’ room designs to suit you. Take a look at these 50+ creative ideas!

Kids’ Room Design Ideas for Tiny Tots

Are your kids too young for elaborate kids’ bedroom interiors? Perhaps safety and practicality is also a concern at this stage. Let us dust off all your worries with some simple yet stunning kids’ room interior design ideas!

#1: Pretty in Pink for Kids That Love Colour

How much pink is too much pink? 😌

Does your child have a favourite colour? How about dousing the kids’ room design in a subtle shade of pink to show it off?

#2: Spice Up a Plain Room With an Accent Colour

The metallic speckles on the white walls complete this modern kids’ room

So, have you decided to keep your kids’ room design subtle but don’t want it to look too plain? Looks like you’re in need of some kids’ room ideas that can bring in some fun. Go for an accent wall to add a splash of colour to neutral kids’ room interiors.

#3: Pink Meets Purple in This Cosy Kids’ Bedroom

Backlit clouds against this purple and pink wall are reminiscent of city sunsets

If you thought geometric wall patterns are too much for a kids’ room interior design, let this room be your guide. All you need are complementary colours like pink and purple to make a statement in your kids’ room design!

#4: Kids’ Room Ideas Featuring Confetti-Style Walls

Pepper tiny patterns across your walls for a fun look

Confetti helps us celebrate and mark joyous occasions with some fun and colour. So, it’s only fitting to include it as a part of your kids’ room design. However, actual confetti can get messy.

Instead, you can recreate the look with any pattern in different colours for your walls. Take these shooting star designs as an example!

#5: Small Kids’ Room Designs for Younger Kids

The corner wall paint brings in some much-needed vibrancy in this gentle room design

Even the smallest of spaces can make for the cosiest of kids’ rooms in design. Use soft colours like mint green, white, and wooden tones to dress up the space.

#6: Here’s a Layout That Opens Up Space to Play

Bedroom + play area?! You heard us right!

Need kids’ room ideas that are perfect for growing kids? This layout can help. Opt for a loft bed that keeps the floor space below it empty. This type of kids’ room design can allow your child more room to play on the floor without rearranging furniture.

#7: How About Some Comforting Florals?

Rattan furniture can be the best match for floral themes

Floral wallpaper with soft rose-coloured furniture is a picture-perfect match for kids’ bedroom ideas. Throw in some wooden accents to complete the look of this floral kids’ room design.

#8: Create Separate Zones for Double Occupancy Kids’ Room Designs

This wall design is one way to showcase your child’s passion for building with Legos

Two kids sharing a room can get messy. It helps to section off the kids’ room design into different zones for each child. To further detail your kids’ room interior design, go for accent walls to highlight each child’s space, like this Legos-themed wall.

#9: Is It a Park? Is It a Playground? No, It’s Your Kids’ Bedroom!

The wall decals with vines and monkeys add to the park-style theme of this bedroom

Do you have a busy schedule that prevents you from taking your kids to the park? What if we told you there’s a kids’ room design that can drum up park vibes? All you need is a bunk bed with a slide on one side to recreate those park times!

#10: Some Neon Signage for Trendy Kids

What’s better than a unicorn? A NEON unicorn, of course!

Looking for a creative way to add some interest to your kids’ room design? How about some neon signs to spice up your kids’ bedroom interior? What’s more, you can buy them ready-made or even go so far as to customise them!

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#11: The Sky’s the Limit When It Comes to Kids’ Room Wardrobe Colours

Colours or custom designs? How would you style your child’s wardrobe?

Colour man, colour man, which colour do you choose? If you can’t decide with just one, how about going in for a mixed palette? However, remember to only pick complementary colours to avoid a clash. Orange, yellow, and blue can be some good colours to start with.

Bedroom Interior Design for School Age Kids

If you have kids that are school-going or in the early teenage stages, you’re bound to know how important their rooms are to them. The same kids’ room interior design that works for toddlers might not work for older kids. Here’s where exploring different styles of kids’ bedroom design can help you create the perfect space for your growing kids. Check out some of these designs below:

#12: Forest-Themed Kids’ Room Design

With a bedroom design like this, every day can feel like a walk in the woods

With a kids’ room design like this, it’s adventure time, come rain or shine. This kids’ bedroom design theme is especially handy to have, if you live in a home that doesn’t have a backyard.

#13: A Kid’s Room Design That Suits All Ages

This room is designed in such a way that your kids will love it regardless of their age

Not all kids are into cartoon themes and bright colours. In fact, some kids might lean more towards a dynamic style. Think a timeless kids’ room design that can grow with their tastes. This style of children’s bedroom design is one such example you can experiment with.

#14: A Spot of Yellow for a Happy Child

Yellow; the colour of happiness, sunshine, and all that’s hopeful

Keep your child’s room positive and bright with hints of yellow on the walls and decor. Who knows, this might also be one way to influence a sunny disposition for your child.

#15: Step Into Dreamland With This Children’s Bedroom Design

There’s nothing cosier than sleeping under a curtain canopy!

Pelmet treatments aren’t just restricted to your windows. You can even get one placed above your child’s bed for a curtain canopy. Such a children’s room design is sure to lull your little (or big) ones to sleep.

#16: Nifty Storage Secrets for Extra Space in Your Child’s Room

Going for a clean look? Opt for a murphy bed!

What’s one thing that goes hand in hand with a growing child? If you guessed storage, you’re absolutely right! As kids grow, they’re going to need more storage space to hold their things. Prevent your kids’ room design from getting cluttered by using a pull-down bed that merges into your wardrobes.

#17: Clever Design for a Shared Room

It’s almost as if these beds hit copy and paste

If more than two kids are sharing the same space, you’re probably going to need a bigger bed. And a lot of creativity! Moreover, if the kids are of different ages, the little ones might need to be watched over by the older ones. Use a bed that offers safety features and keeps your little one from rolling off it.

#18: Here’s a Design for Kids That Like to Keep It Simple

Stick to light greys if you’re keen on using monochromes for your child’s room

Monochromes might not be your go-to palette for your kids’ room design. However, that doesn’t mean they’re completely off the table, either. To make this palette more kid-friendly, opt for a bright pop of colour like yellow.

#19: This One’s for All the Speed Racers Out There!

Speed Racer, is that you?

Among all the children’s room design ideas out there, a car-themed room is probably one of the most common. After all, it’s hard to not enjoy a space that’s centred around race cars and bright colours like red.

#20: A Starry Night That’s Just As Nice As Van Gogh’s Art

Twinkle twinkle little star, this is a lot nicer than seeing you from afar

There’s something calming about looking at the night sky and watching millions of stars twinkle. Though we might not be able to do this as much in the city, you can still give your child the opportunity to stargaze with this kids’ room design.

#21: Children’s Room Design Has Never Been This Easy

Something about this room reminds us of Po from Kung Fu Panda…

Sometimes, you don’t even need to redesign your child’s room. Instead, you can make the space more interesting with suitable bedding and soft furnishings. Go for colours and patterns that add visual intrigue, especially if the rest of your kids’ room design is plain.

#22: Got Two Kids Sharing a Room? Let’s Help You Give Them Space

The way the wall is framed makes this room picture perfect

Though sharing is caring, it can be something that can kick off a fight between kids. To prevent this, give kids in shared rooms their own space for their things. Place the beds, study tables, and wardrobes separately to keep the peace.

#23: This Bedroom Is Sure to Stoke a Sense of Adventure in Your Child’s Heart

Step aside, Dora. There’s a new explorer in town!

Dora the Explorer won’t be the only one going on adventures with a kids’ bedroom design like this! Natural colours like blue and green stay close to nature, while the rest of the theme instils a need for adventure.

#24: Climb Up the Ladder of Success

If the room can’t fit two separate beds, a bunk bed is your best option

A bunk bed is a great way to save space in compact homes. Use a sturdy ladder to ensure your kids’ safety while they’re climbing up and down the beds.

#25: Wall Niches Aren’t Just for a Living Room Highlight

We love how this wall niche perfectly outlines the bed

You’d probably see wall niches and arches decorate living rooms more often than a kids’ room design. However, it’s hard to disagree that they make the space look special.

#26: Concealed Storage Options Makes It Easier to Tidy Up

Bed storage is one of the most convenient ways to hide clutter in a child’s room

No matter the age of your child, chasing them to pick up after themselves is always a chore. Moreover, even when organised your kids’ room can end up looking messy if you use visible storage bins. Instead, opt for concealed storage options across your kids’ room design.

#27: Let the Morning Sun Wake Your Child Up

Just like this loft bed, it’s time to rise!

Tired of yelling across the house to wake your child up for school? By placing their bed right by the window, you won’t have to!

#28: A Few Earthy Shades Never Hurt Anyone

Slatted bed frames add a cosy rustic touch to the space

Would you ever consider painting your kids’ room in shades of brown? If yes, some yellow and white pinstripes can help you accentuate the look.

#29: Can You Spot All the Themes Going On in This Bedroom?

What’s your favourite part of this kids’ room design? It covers almost every theme

From the pretty colour palettes to the intricate design, there’s so much to explore in this kids’ room design. We love the ice cream cone wall hangers draped above the bed. What’s your favourite element?

#30: Nothing But International Space Station Vibes in This Bedroom

The profile lights create the illusion of peering out of a rocket ship’s window

Did you know that NASA gives you the option of tracking the International Space Station’s location, so you can try and catch a glimpse of it when it’s over your city? While this can take time to see, your little ones can enjoy an interstellar view of the cosmos from their bedroom meanwhile.

#31: Frosty Blues and Greys for an Arctic-Themed Bedroom

Tired of city life? How about hiking to the mountains in your child’s room?

Depending on where you live in India, snow might not be something you see often. Give your kids a chance to experience the wonders of snowy hillsides with a frosty themed kids’ room design.

#32: Ace Compact Room Design With Clever Space-Planning

Opt for vertical storage shelves and loft storage to keep your floors clutter-free

Low on space? No problem! All you need is the right approach to space planning, and you’re all set. Our designers can show you how.

#33: A Kids Room With a Study Table and Minimalist Wardrobe Design

To get a seamless look, opt for wardrobes without handles

Less can certainly be more, depending on how you choose to look at it. If you have plenty of nooks and crannies in your kids’ room design, be sure to use the right lighting to brighten the space. Profile lights can be great options.

#34: Lime Green for a Unique Look

Nothing says children’s bedroom design like lime green and cyan palettes

Step away from the unconventional with some bright lime green hues for your kids’ room design. You can even use some cyan for contrast.

#35: Opt for Fun Shaped Shelves to Make Your Kid’s Room More Interesting

Abstract design isn’t only for modern style homes

Besides adding colourful paints and decor to your kids’ room design, you can also do the same with your furniture. Play around with shelf designs and colours for a perfect fit.

#36: Only Have One Side of the Room to Spare?

Who said it’s impossible to design an entire bedroom using only one wall?

You’ve heard of one wall kitchens, but now get ready for one wall kids’ room designs. If you have to restrict most of the design to one side of the room, use a loft bed to make more space for storing things under it, like a study area.

#37: Always Make Use of Available Vertical Space

It’s hard to pick just one bunk when they look as comfy as this

If you’re using a bunk bed in your kids’ room design, safety might be on your mind. To ensure the top bunk is safe for a young child, you can secure it with a railing and net.

#38: A Dreamy Bedpost for a Child That Loves to Dream

Ever dreamt of having a bedroom with an elaborate bedpost? Here’s your chance!

There’s a stage in life where almost every child is obsessed with canopy style bedposts. Invest in one for your kids’ room design and thank us later!

#39: Big or Little, There’s Enough Room for All Your Kids

A little upper bed for the little ones

If kids of different ages share a room, it helps to have a special add-on to their bed. A layered bed just might do the trick!

#40: Do You Believe in Disney Magic?

Here’s another example of how grey and yellow can be great colours for a kid’s room

Dress up a plain kids’ room design with some fun Disney themed stickers on the walls. If you have a penchant for art, you can even DIY this design to keep it cost-effective.

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#41: A Child With a Play Area Is a Happy Child

A little rug can act as the perfect way to section off a play area in your kids’ room

Kids need a lot of space to run around and play as they age. So apart from getting them the right bedding and furniture, it’s also important to design a room that offers a play area.

#42: Here’s Some Geometric Madness for Visual Stimuli

The wall scone stored in the basketball net was the perfect touch to this bedroom

Shapes and colours can be pretty simulating for kids. So, why not get them a colourful geometric wall that can catch their attention?

#43: Anna and Elsa Approve of This Kids’ Room Design

Keep it simple with a Disney-themed wallpaper as the sole statement piece

If there’s one way to get a specific theme going in your kids’ bedroom design, it’s with wallpaper. Here’s one from the movie Frozen that’s a perfect fit for this space.

#44: Flowers or Clouds, What Do You See?

Count the flowers on your ceiling and allow them to lull you to sleep

False ceilings are a great way to customise a kids’ room design in a way that’s special to them. From butterflies, clouds, flowers, and stars, the shapes you can choose are endless!

#45: Play Around With Different Headboard Designs

Since both beds share the same headboard, it lends a sense of symmetry to the room

False ceilings aren’t the only way to personalise your kids’ room design. You can even curate a unique look with your headboard.

#46: Nurture a Love for Books With a Junior Library

The closed cabinets are a great option for making this a multi-storage unit

An open and closed bookcase is a great way to put books on display and keep other items tidy. You might just like it more than a designated entertainment area in your kids’ room design.

#47: Can You Spot the Different Zones in This Bedroom?

Mark off different areas of the room for different purposes for maximum functionality

Each quadrant of the room has been divided to offer its own unique functionality. The study area is for studying and reading, while the bunker bed zone is great for unwinding by the window, especially during summer. The in-built kids’ wardrobe design gives the kids some space to get ready for the day.

#48: Are You a Whovian? If So, You’d Love This Seating Area

This is the perfect spot to curl up with a nice book during rainy days

If you’ve watched Doctor Who, you’d be all too familiar with his travelling companion: TARDIS. While recreating it can be a feat, we can give you a seating area that can offer the same vibe. With an arched seating zone paired with profile lights all around it, you’re bound to feel like you’re travelling through time in this kids’ room design.

#49: Contemporary and Classy Kids’ Room Designs

This is a kids’ room design that can still maintain its style 10 years down the line

Want your kids’ room design to match the rest of your home? Considering using similar themes across each room that are subtle. To add in that child-friendly element, play up the space with cartoon art and vibrant colours.

#50: Continue Your Wall Design Into the Ceiling

We love the subtle nautical theme going on in this room

The fun doesn’t have to end on your walls. If you have a specific theme going, you can even extend your wall art up to your ceiling for a unique look.

#51: This Kids’ Room Design Shows You What It’s Like to Sleep in a Rocket Ship

This is what it might feel like to peer out of a spacecraft window!

Let’s face it, we’ve all been curious to know what the actual view from space is like. And with this space-themed wall design, your kids can get a taste of it without even leaving Earth!

#52: Kids Room Designs That Are a Timeless Beauty

Do your kids have grown up tastes? If so, this bedroom design is for them

Slightly older kids might want a room that looks more mature and less childish. So, why not give them a space they can Instagram about, like this stunning kids’ room design?

#53: It’s Raining Pastels!

This one’s for all the Pinterest fans out there!

Pastels are both calming and beautiful to look at. Use them in your kids’ room design for a chic yet fun space for kids.

#54: A Celestial Themed Room That’s Perfect for Teens

Do you know what this room looks like? Your new interiors 😉

This sleek space looks so good that even adults would want to live in here! Imagine how breathtaking the backlit wall design would look as a night light.

#55: Not All Kids’ Furniture Is Plastic and Plain

Would you go in for a chair like this?

Here’s a slightly more unconventional take on the hanging basket chair. This beautiful cage like design is the perfect match for resort-style kids’ room interiors.

#56: This Kids’ Bedroom Design Makes the Best Use of Storage

You’ll never run out of storage space in a room designed like this!

No matter where you look in this kids’ room design, you’re bound to spot some storage unit or the other. We love how this space has made use of its loft storage, ensuring that every bit of square footage has been put to good use.

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How About Some Vastu Ideas for Your Child’s Room?

Which is your most preferred colour for designing your child’s bedroom?
  • The best placement for your kids’ room is in the east, northeast, or north direction
  • Ensure your kids’ room design allows the flow of natural light and is well lit
  • Do not position your child’s bed opposite the bathroom door as it can have negative effects
  • Green and blue are known to be good colours for vastu-approved bedrooms
  • Avoid clutter and the installation of multiple gadgets in your child’s room

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