According to vastu, our house is divided into multiple directions and sub-directions – and each of these have a colour that works best. However, it’s near impossible to abide by all the suggestions unless you want a home splashed in different hues. So, we’ve brought you the next best thing – a concise list of room colour as per vastu. Read on to find out what colours work best in each room, and what’s best avoided!

#1: For the Living Room

Your living room should have light colours to enhance the flow of positive energy

What are some good colours to use in the living room?

The living room colour as per vastu could be a serene white, cheerful yellow, healing green or soothing blue. Vastu shastra tips for home reveal that a beige-coloured living room can help you feel calm and relaxed, while even tan might be a great option!

What colours should you steer away from here?

Since your living room is often the first glimpse people get into your home, vastu shastra tips for home advise against using dark shades in the space. Keep it light-coloured and feel positive vibes take over your home!

#2: For the Dining Room

Black and white are best avoided in the dining room

What room colours as per vastu are advisable for the dining room?

In the space where you bind with family over meals, vastu experts suggest the use of warm colours like peach and light shades of pink or orange. You can also use soothing shades of blue and green that help your family bond better.

And what colours are best avoided?

Experts recommend not having a white or black colour scheme. These tones can bring unwanted energies into the room, and into your family.

Use this video to find more dining room design ideas for your space:

#3: For the Kitchen

Choose colours representing fire in your kitchen

What are the preferred room colours as per vastu?

The reign of Agni, the god of fire, should be decked in colours that pay homage to him. So choose from a palette of orange, saffron, yellow, or red. Experts suggest that our kitchens have a hint of red – even a dinner set in this colour is great for representing it!

What should you stay away from?

Your kitchen room colour according to vastu should not be too dark and gloomy. As you cook in the kitchen, let the food imbibe positivity from light and cheerful colours! So, steer clear of colours like dark grey, brown and black. Also, experts suggest that we avoid blue in the kitchen as well. Why, you ask? Because blue represents Varuna, the god of water, but your kitchen should pay homage to fire!

#4: For the Pooja Room

Choose serene colours for your pooja room

Pooja room colours should include

White, which stands for purity, serenity and peace, is a favoured choice for the pooja room. While vastu shastra for home suggests that this is perfect across your home, it’s especially suited to your place of worship. You can also consider yellow, which harnesses positive energy. Light blue and light green can make your pooja space feel more serene and reinforce your faith in life.

What to avoid in this sacred space?

Experts recommend avoiding the use of red, since it signifies anger and could have negative effects in what should be a peaceful place. It’s also advisable to avoid dark colours.

#5: For the Master Bedroom

Orange, the colour of ambition, should be used very carefully in the master bedroom

What should you pick?

Vastu shastra for home has a variety of colour recommendations for the master bedroom. Newly married couples can use light pink or red as the room colour according to vastu. The warm and soothing nature of such colours deepens your bond with your partner and helps keep conflicts at bay. If you’re looking for a relaxing space, we suggest lighter shades of blue or green to help you out. Shades of brown are also a great choice – these earthy hues evoke stability and keep you grounded.

What colours should you be careful with?

Vastu shastra for home reveals some grey areas in the use of colours for your master bedroom. A fiery shade of orange can help young professionals reach their full potential. However, a word of caution: if you have a sharp temper, you should avoid this colour. Dark shades of red are best avoided completely, for the same reason!

#6: For the Children’s Bedroom

Steer clear of dark blue for your kids’ bedroom

What colours are appropriate?

Vastu shastra for home recommends choosing the colour of your children’s room with care. In their formative years, soothing colours that aid creativity are advisable. So pick from colours like light green or yellow, which aid in concentration.

What should you avoid?

If your child gets angry easily, avoid using red in their room. While you can use lighter shades of blue for a soothing effect in their bedroom, you should stay away from dark blue — these can cause health problems for your little one!

#7: And Finally the Bathroom

Stick to light colours in your bathroom

What should you use in the bathroom?

Experts suggest your bathroom be filled with light colours like white, light yellow, beige, cream and light brown, which adds to the positivity of the space. Light green will add a healing touch to your bathroom, while shades of blue are undisputedly a great choice here, too!

Why shouldn’t you use dark colours here?

Well, your bathroom is often a compact space, so using a dark colour could make the space look even smaller. This is because such colours allow and foster negative energy in your bathroom!

Now that you know the best colour for each room, Stay on the Right Side of Vastu With These Tips!

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