Expert advice at your fingertips

Expert advice from wardrobe design professionals is just one click away. Book a free consultation with a professional designer via our website for personalized wardrobe design.

Built for your space

Your Livspace wardrobe will be designed to perfectly fit your wall and match the exact dimensions of your space. Our expert designer will understand and analyze your requirements to ensure that you get a wardrobe that fits well with your interiors and makes the best use of available space.

Custom Configurations

Your designer will help you choose from our range of wardrobe modules to arrive at an ideal configuration according to the type of storage you need. In addition to this, all Livspace wardrobes come with adjustable internal shelves, letting you customize your storage compartments just the way like them.

Personalized look and feel

You can customize the look and feel of your Livspace wardrobe to match your unique tastes. Choose from our selection of matte, glossy, glass or mirrored finishes, available in combinations.