8 Trendy Accent Wall Ideas For Your Bedroom

An accent wall is a great way to give your bedroom a detour from ordinary to amazing and we’re not just talking about painting one wall in a different color from the rest. Check out our diverse collection of bedroom accent wall ideas that are sure to make an impression.

Bedroom accent wall #1: Texture Tales

bedroom accent wall idea

A common way of highlighting your space is by sheathing the wall with textured paint.

Creative designs combined with varying hues can create stunning accent walls, eliminating the need for additional decor in the bedroom.

Bedroom accent wall #2: Mood-setter Murals

bedroom accent wall idea

Ideally, your bedroom should define your style and be personalised with things that you are passionate about.

With blossoming flowers and a pretty rainbow, this bedroom’s accent wall instantly resonates with nature and travel lovers.

Bedroom accent wall #3: Printed Patterns

bedroom accent wall idea

Printed wallpapers are an easy way  of creating stunning accent walls.

Choose a wallpaper that matches or contrasts with the theme of the bedroom to enhance the overall look and feel of the space.

Bedroom accent wall #4: Framed Fringes

bedroom accent wall idea

Creating designs on the wall using strategic moulding techniques is a great way of introducing subtle style to your bedroom.

The frames or shapes formed can then be used to feature some prominent ideas such as a wallpaper, photographs, or paintings.

Bedroom accent wall #5: Dreamy Duos

bedroom accent wall idea

An innovative way to up the drama in the bedroom is to use two different textures or hues.

In this bedroom, stony grey pairs beautifully with the broken blue china pattern, thus leaving a lasting impression.

Bedroom accent wall #6: Reflective Resonance

bedroom accent wall idea

Often our bedroom is flooded with furniture and add-ons that create a congested look.

Using high gloss or mirror finish wall panels gives depth to the bedroom, making it look larger than what it is.

Bedroom accent wall #7: Silence of the Woods

bedroom accent wall idea

Wood panelling is a creative technique that gives a classy touch to the bedroom. It’s a great way of adding organic warmth to the space.

Bedroom accent wall #8: Nature Lover

bedroom accent wall idea

Grasscloth is the quintessential wall accent for nature lovers. Woven from natural raw materials, this wallpaper gives a distinct finish that no other materials can match.

It is best to choose an accent wall that is an extension of your personality. Now that you have trendy options to select from, pick a design that you will love for years to come.

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