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Sexy Bathroom Decorating Tips For Couples

Don’t let your bathroom be a bore! Bring in some romance, and encourage intimacy through our sexy bathroom decorating tips.

10 Decorating And Storage Ideas For The Space Under Your Stairs

This article deals with the often neglected area under your stairs. Here are ten classic and innovative ways in which you can utilize that area for better storage, work and even entertaining.

5 Livspace Bedroom Themes For Every Kind Of Kid

Our designers at Livspace took great care to carve out these intimate spaces where kids can express their personalities and indulge in hobbies. Take a look at our top five picks:

10 Delicious Door Design Ideas for Your Home

Front doors, back doors, and inside doors don’t have to be plain and boring. Take a hint or two, from our exhaustive list of door design ideas.

11 Bar Designs For Small Apartments

Home bars should ideally marry style with functionality to create a party starter. Don’t sulk if you live in a small apartment because we’ve put together a list of clever bar design ideas to kick off your next big party.

How To Create The Perfect Meditation Space In Your Apartment

Meditation spots or altars are the best places to replenish our energies and keep our body and mind in perfect balance. Here are five tips that could help you to create that perfect spot in your apartment.

The Alzheimer’s Home Safety Checklist

Have a loved one with Alzheimer’s? This handy home safety checklist will help you create a comfortable environment for patients.

The Baby-proofing Checklist: How To Make Your Home Safe For Children

Babies grow up in a blink of an eye and before you even realize it, your 9-month old bundle of joy has already begun crawling. We’ve compiled a babyproofing checklist for your home to ensure your child’s safety and wellbeing.

Mix Patterns Like A Pro With 4 Easy Tips

Our reader’s corner section features questions from our readers and provides insights on all topics related to home design, home keeping and interiors. This edition’s question: I love prints and patterns and I was planning to decorate my home with it. However mixing patterns seems like a daunting task and I have no idea where … Continue reading

From Chaos To Chic: A Livspace Kitchen Makeover

It’s difficult to imagine that this compact, organized kitchen was complete chaos before Livspace interior designer Savitha Bai graced it with her magical touch. Read all about this unbelievable transformation