5 Ways to Hide Nasty Wall Cracks

Every home has them. Pesky cracks that creep up around door frames or on bare walls. These hairline splits are completely normal and can be fixed with a little filler and some paint. But until then, you can always rely on the art of sleuth to fix them! Cracks on the wall are a perfect opportunity to venture into your creative side. Here are a few temporary wall crack fixes:

Fixing Cracks in Walls #1: When in doubt, frame it!
fixing cracks in walls photo frames

If you’re looking for an easy fix, you can’t go wrong with hiding those cracks with photo frames. Do up your wall with minimal prints in sleek frames for a polished look. Alternatively, you could also print out patterns with lots of white space and stick them with tape on the areas that need to be hidden. This helps to set a laid back artsy vibe for your room.

Fixing Cracks in Walls #2: Wallpaper it! 

Wallpapers are notoriously perfect to conceal cracks and peeled off paint. Pick subtle or pastel colours if you want to create a relaxed ambience. Bold colours and geometric-patterned wallpaper work if you are looking to create a statement.

Fixing Cracks in Walls #3: Get artsy with wall decal
fixing cracks in walls decal

Wall decal and stickers are another great way to keep a secret. You could either work around the crack to create intriguing patterns (think branches of a tree) or cover it up entirely. Pick a piece based on your personal swag.

Fixing Cracks in Walls #4: Throw on a mandala tapestry
fixing cracks in walls mandala art

Large cracks on the wall? While getting it fixed needs to be a priority, consider getting a mandala tapestry for a quick remedy. These also help to create a perfect boho chic space! It works well with neutral-toned interiors as an intriguing pop of colour.

Fixing Cracks in Walls #5 Hang up dreamcatchers
fixing cracks in walls dreamcatcher

If it’s just one pesky crack on the wall, especially in your bedroom, dreamcatchers can do the trick! While adding a little character to your room, dreamcatchers can help to conceal any minute imperfections on your wall.

How do you know if wall cracks are serious?
fixing cracks in walls repair

Tiny cracks on your wall aren’t usually problematic. These can be typically sealed with a filler and just repainted. But if cracks continue to grow, it’s time to get the professionals involved. In some cases, these could be a sign of structural problems. Look out for gaping cracks, horizontal cracks, loose nails and discolouration around the edges of the crack.

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