Space-Saving & Stylish Sliding Wardrobe Designs

A cupboard design with sliding doors is not just contemporary in design and cool to look at, they serve the purpose of being space-efficient. Most urban homes don’t have the luxury of space to accommodate swing-open or hinged wardrobes (for designs, go here). If you’re looking for space-saving storage solutions, sliding wardrobes should be on your list.

Also, sliding wardrobes come with an array of shutter options for you to choose from — membrane, laminate, PU and acrylic, mirrored, plain, frosted and lacquered glass. Take a look at some of our designs and pick your favourite!

Sliding Cupboard Design #1

Cupboard design

If you’re one for subtle interiors with just a pop of colour, this wardrobe design will appeal to you. It boasts of great storage while being stylish. Add yellow accents around the room to really make it pop!

Sliding Cupboard Design #2

Cupboard design

While keeping your contents relatively private, the translucent shutters in this walk-in closet are young and modern in style. Plan the internal storage for maximum utilisation of space.

Sliding Cupboard Design #3

Cupboard design

We love these shutters because they never require too much maintenance. The three-door wardrobe fits easily into most urban homes and provides essential space for all your necessities.

Sliding Cupboard Design #4

Cupboard design

This design is simple, but when planned and accessorised well, this sliding wardrobe can turn into a super efficient zone in your bedroom. This one’s a design for all ages!

Sliding Cupboard Design #5

Cupboard design

This white matte finish wardrobe is Scandinavian in design, is the perfect addition to your guest room or compact bedroom. Bid goodbye to storage woes with this sleek installation.

Sliding Cupboard Design #6

Cupboard design

This navy blue membrane with mirror shutter is classy and modern in design. With well-planned internal storage and accessories to organise the space, you’ll have an installation that’s worth every penny!

Sliding Cupboard Design #7

Cupboard design

A cooler and fresher option to the previous design, this blue will be great for those young at heart and love colour! Hang it, fold it, stack it — your options for storage are endless!

Sliding Cupboard Design #8

Cupboard design

For the conventional at heart, this sliding wardrobe with with wooden grains on its shutter is the apt choice. It spells luxury without over-imposing.

Sliding Cupboard Design #9

Cupboard design

Transform your room with this fine installation! This six-door sliding wardrobe is massive and can hold all your clothes — casual and fancy — with ease.

Sliding Cupboard Design #10

Cupboard design

If you love pastels and floral accents in your room, go for a wardrobe design that’s subtle and blends in. Equip it with some popular and helpful interior accessories to help make your storage woes disappear.

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