Home Makeover: A Transformation You Won’t Believe!

Contemporary interiors changed the way this home looks!

contemporary interiors

Who livs here: Sujatha Narayanan with her husband Narayanan and 10-year-old son Aditya

Location: Purva Riviera, Marathahalli, Bangalore

Size: A 3 BHK home spanning 1,500 sq ft approx.

Design team: Interior designer Mona NV with Project Manager Rajkiran P

Livspace service: Living room, dining room and master bedroom

Budget: ₹₹₹₹₹

Ten years of living in the same space, Sujatha Narayanan wanted something different from the conventional for her home. When the family approached us for interiors, they were eager to renovate the living and dining room along with the master bedroom on the first go. Thus, the game plan by Mona mostly revolved around making the space more welcoming, bright and spacious with, of course, a clutter-free design.

Mona NV, Livspace interior designer has put together a marvelous combination for the family with decor and accessories paired well. This bespoke home is tailored to suit all the requirements put forth by Sujatha and her family.

Replete with beautiful colours, graceful furniture, and elegant lights, this Bangalore home is eye-candy for all its visitors. Feast your eyes on this pretty home, renovated not just to function well, but also takes the colour game up a notch.

Inviting Tones

contemporary interiors

Despite the spacious layout, the home lacked an oomph factor to make its interiors stand out. Our designer was determined to change that and focused on curating wall treatments that can make it warm and inviting.

The home initially had no entryway but has been given a stunning foyer with a pinewood wall to demarcate it from the living. To make the design more compelling, mirrors embellish the space. A small shelf that can hold keys and essentials to grab on-the-go has also been also provided.

contemporary interiors

The living room took on a new look with a blue tuxedo sofa and two upholstered yellow armchairs. The mix is beautifully put together to complement the light grey wall. The couple decided to retain their old TV unit which fits in beautifully with the new design.

contemporary interiors

We’re in love with how spacious the interiors look after the makeover. Especially with the wall treatments and lighting. Don’t you love the drastic change in its ambience?

contemporary interiors

The corner for the sofa setting has been amped up using geometric groves painted in metallic gold. It easily adds charm to the room.

Good ol’ Blues

contemporary interiors

The dining room has been given a beautiful spin — converting it from a cluttered and dimly lit space to an exciting zone in the home. Blue is a welcoming sight on the textured wall and upholstered seating.

contemporary interiors

Mona included the balcony to form an extended part of the dining room and got rid of the door separating it. Thus, the dining opens up with a bright ambience. Can you make out the brightness in the room? A partition of wooden slats hides the refrigerator placed in the extension.

contemporary interiors

The crockery unit and chest of drawers fit in perfectly in the new space. Pretty flatware is hung on the textured wall to add to the milieu.

contemporary interiors

A Delectable Palette

contemporary interiors

The master bedroom design has captured our hearts! From the choice of pretty colours to the gracefully tufted headboard and wall trims. In addition, the decor and lighting match the ambience perfectly — warm and soothing in effect.

contemporary interiors

Bedside shelves  make up for the lack of space and they support the design seamlessly. The pendant lights and the soft pink lampshades enhance the elegance of the room.

contemporary interiors

There is also a reading corner beside the bed with a niche housing two sleek shelves. The view from the corner is lovely and makes for a cosy reading corner.

contemporary interiors

“Sujatha wanted something that was in vogue. She welcomed all my ideas and I tried portraying a design that fuses a vintage look with contemporary details.”

– Mona NV, Interior Designer, Livspace

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