The Hidden Charm Of Cove Lighting

Choosing the right lights can significantly enhance the appearance of a room; therefore there’s a good chance that you put some thought into buying the right lamps and light fixtures for your home. Most of these are direct lighting options, and it has its place. But if you love the soft, warm, glow that gently illuminates a space, then consider cove lighting.

Cove lighting is a form of indirect lighting, where the light is directed towards the ceiling, and the lighting fixtures are concealed. The resulting illumination is soft and diffused, though it needn’t always be so. It works particularly well when placed above crown mouldings or hidden behind valances. You can check out the images below to see how they add to the overall aesthetics of each room:

Living room

cove lighting in living room
Ambient cove lighting concealed behind the crown moulding works with the chandeliers to drench this room in light. The diffused nature of the light gives this room a luxurious feel instead of being harsh and in your face.


cove lighting in bedroom
Here, strategically placed cove lights subtly draw your attention to the bed. This would have been difficult to achieve with just the table lamps and ceiling light.


cove lighting in kitchen
Cove lighting needn’t always be soft. This modern kitchen benefits from the fluorescent brilliance of the cove lights, making it a perfect alternative to direct lighting. The pendant lamps above the kitchen island, and the dining table can be switched on while dining to create an intimate feel.


cove lighting in bathroom
Cove lighting gives this bathroom a futuristic feel, and its harsh glare is muted by the choice of grey tiling and concrete floor. The room would have looked very different if the walls and flooring were of a different hue, therefore you need to choose lighting keeping the overall decorating theme in mind to achieve the final result.

We just saw how cove lights could help brighten up your space. It can also be used to accentuate specific architectural elements in a home.

cove lighting in bathroom
Similar to recessed spot lights, cove lights can be used to draw attention to certain features such as accent walls and design details on walls and ceilings. In the picture above, the lights help show off the textured wall behind the bathroom mirrors.

cove lighting on stairs
Cove lighting needn’t always be decorative; it can also serve specific functions. For example, you can use it under stairs and railings to create a classy alternative to well-lit stairs. You could also do the same outside.

Cove lights come in various colors too; therefore the kind of light and the hue you choose can affect the ambience of the room. Here are the four popular varieties of cove lights, namely:

  • Rope lighting which is inexpensive, easy to install and comes in differing sizes. It delivers a soft glow.
  • Fluorescent lights which come in a particular overlapping design specifically meant for coves. These last for a long time, but produce a harsh light. You can install dimmable ballasts if you want to control the glow.
  • Low voltage linear lighting which comes with moveable lights allowing you to create the result you desire. You even have the option of adding a dimmer.
  • LED lights which are cost-effective and eco-friendly. These are a bit expensive, but they last for a very long time.

Pay attention to the spacing of lights during installation. Also, try to visualize the outcome to decide on the type of light as well as the color. All these decisions are crucial to achieving the final result – a lovely ambient light that takes the appearance of your interiors up a notch.

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