Why Choose Membrane Finish Over Laminate?

The term membrane finish might ring a bell if you’re in the process of renovating your kitchen or getting a new wardrobe! This is usually labelled as an economical yet durable finish. A better option compared to laminate, but still short of the finesse that acrylic offers. So here’s a comprehensive guide on the famous membrane finish.

What is membrane?

laminate membrane finish

Membrane is a Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) foil. It is available in matte, glossy and even wooden finishes. The foil is wrapped around medium density fibreboard under high pressure.

How is it different from laminate?

You will be surprised to know that laminate finish is made of flat paper glued together. However, membrane is a foil. This is important because you’ll not have to worry about edge banding in the case of the membrane. At Livspace, we use edge banding technique on the laminate to provide a smooth edge which otherwise would be sharp.

Also, unlike laminate, they aren’t glued to the wooden surface.

Why is membrane a go-to option?

laminate membrane finish

Most homeowners go for membrane finish as it has a rich look which sits well in traditional and contemporary homes. Also, it is an economical in comparison to acrylic finish. The finish feels natural and gives a consistent look.

For a better understanding, here are some positives and negatives of membrane:

laminate membrane finish

laminate membrane finish

What’s new?

Livspace has tied up with the German brand, Renolit, to offer our customers access to 30 membrane finishes. Our team of experienced designers have hand-picked these finishes based on customer survey and international trends! So you’ve got a chance to give your modular kitchens and wardrobes a different look of global standards.

laminate membrane finish

We hope this clears your doubts about the finish. Here is a guide to all finishes available for modular storage. Keep a watch out for more details on our tie-up with Renolit as we showcase different modular designs inspired by these finishes.

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