Plants That Bring Good Vibes to Work

Office life can get to you sometimes. Arriving at work when the sun is shining bright and leaving after dusk can really cause a sense of distress for all of us who love living life outdoors. But wait, we have an easy fix for all these problems. Having office plants on your desk can create a peaceful ambience around you that will get you through the day like a breeze. Check out these ten plants that are easy to maintain, bring good luck and for all you know, might also earn you a raise!

Best Office Plants #1: Peace Lily

Perfect for the dark corners of your office, these bushy plants have dark green leaves and with pretty white flowers. These are also known to purify the air around you and are bound to make you feel fresh.

Water: Moderate
Sunlight: Low

office plants-peace lily-purifies air-dark green leaves
This plant is characteristic of bushy leaves and makes for a great desk accessory
Best Office Plants #2: Devil’s Ivy

Sort of an evergreen wine, this lovely plants grows elegantly over shelves and cubicle corners. The best part about this office plant is that it can grow in both soil and water.

Water: Moderate
Sunlight: Low

office plants-devils ivy-wine-creeper-water plant
Perfect for decorating your shelves and cubicle edges
Best Office Plants #3: Snake Plant

Snake plant, notoriously also called Mother-in-law’s tongue plant, is one of the toughest houseplants that can grow in extremely dry air and low sunlight. As a result, these are your best bet for office, if you are not great at maintaining your plants.

Water: Low
Sunlight: Low

office plants-snake plant-dry air-low maintenance plant
Low on maintenance, this plant is perfect for lazy gardeners
Best Office Plants #4: Spider Plant

Do you often find yourself in a groggy mood at work? Did you know that certain plants can actually act as mood boosters? Spider plants make your space look greener and also keep allergies at bay.

Water: Moderate
Sunlight: Low

office plants-spider plant-long leaves-mood booster plant
A sight for sore eyes is what we love to call this pretty office plant
Best Office Plants #5: Philodendron

If you love big, decorative leaves then the philodendron plant is perfect for you. Along with adding an aesthetic appeal to your office desk, this plant will also cover a large part of a corner. So you do not have to worry about getting a lot of plants to work.

Water: Low
Sunlight: Moderate

office plants-philodendron-big leaves-carved leaves-big plant
Perfect on their own, these plants are a great decorative accent for a corner
Best Office Plants #6: Jade Plant

Well, this one is for those looking forward to that raise or a promotion. Believed to attract money and prosperity, these glossy-leaved plants are succulents thrive in harsh indoor conditions.

Water: Moderate
Sunlight: Low

office plants-jade plant-glossy leaves-dark green leaves-small plant
If you want prosperity, you should get one of these for your office desk
Best Office Plants #7: Bamboo

If you haven’t heard already, this interesting looking plant is feng-shui approved and needs very little light to grow. These lucky plants can grow only in water if the stems are submerged in it. Perfect for believers!

Water: Moderate
Sunlight: Low

office plants-bamboo-feng shui-good vibes-long stemmed plant-lucky plant
This lucky plant will bring lots of good luck with it
Best Office Plants #8: Cacti

Tiny in size and form, these succulents are perfect for your office desk corner. Tough plants that these are, they make for the best office plants to have. These make perfect plants for complete newbies and thrive in a cubicle that is sunlit.

Water: Low
Sunlight: High

office plants-cactus-thorny plant-succulent-low maintenance plant
Known to be tough, these succulents look pretty on office desks
Best Office Plants #9: Aloe Vera

Do you often forget to water your plants? Then aloe vera is perfect for you. Over-watering is actually bad for these beauties. Known to absorb harmful chemicals from the air around you, aloe vera just needs ample light to grow.

Water: Low
Sunlight: Moderate

office plants-aloe vera-air purifying plant-useful plant
This plant has medicinal properties that makes it a winner
Best Office Plants #10: English Ivy

Soften the view around strict desk lines with this pretty plant. Once you start growing them, they might require a lot of water, but after they are established, they can grow in dry conditions as well. The fancy foliage of this plant makes for great decor for your desk.

Water: Moderate
Sunlight: Moderate

office plants-english ivy-pretty leaves-dark green plant
One of those rare plants with a distinctly fancy foliage

Are you ready to introduce some freshness into your daily office life? Try to surround yourself with a couple of these and feel the difference. Also, check out the Top 10 Low Maintenance Plants You Can Grow Indoors for more inspiration.

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