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What Design Style Matches Your Persona?

For a home that defines you!

Clever & Compact Home for Mumbaikars

Smart punch for space crunch!

The Perfect 2BHK for a Family of Three

With smart storage hacks!

Turnkey Interiors for Techies

Modern design to suit their well-travelled taste.

We Love the Simplicity of This Spacious 3BHK

Interiors that are as unpretentious as our clients!

To Go Scandinavian or To Keep It Minimalistic?

Look for the bare necessities!

Go Max or Go Home: Maximalist Interior Design Style

Word of caution: Note for the faint-hearted or the minimalist! Nothing is ‘too much’ in maximalist interiors!

Design Tour | Luxury Comes Calling

Finished in rich textures and elegant colours, this Brigade Cosmopolis home is the perfect escape.

Trends | Decor Trip: African Inspired Home Decor

Our Decor Trip series brings you design inspiration from various styles across the globe. In this article, we put together a collection of unique looks featuring African-inspired decor from Instagram.  Eclectic and inspiring with a distinct character, African-inspired patterns and accents have been influencing the home decor trends a lot lately. A style that is both calming … Continue reading