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15-Year-Old Home Gets Stylish Revamp

From ceiling to floor, and everything in between!

Budget Balcony Makeover Challenge

Creative & affordable ideas!

Budget Living Room Revamp Challenge

Also get ideas that involve ZERO expense!

Muted yet Mesmerizing 2BHK in Mumbai

With a perfect play on mirrors!

A Budget Makeover for Living & Dining Room

A small change can make a big difference!

Home Makeover: A Transformation You Won’t Believe!

Before and after shots included!

7 Easy Peasy Ways To Upgrade Your Rental Kitchen

Do you live in a rented apartment? Is your kitchen screaming for a makeover? Spruce up your rental kitchen with our easy, budget-friendly updates.

Rashi Bhasin’s Brand New Kitchen Packs A Punch

After a year of fretting over their termite-riddled kitchen, Rashi and her family were thrilled to see what Livspace offered in a matter of 9 weeks – everything from clever storage solutions to better lighting and termite-proof cabinetry.