A lot of small bathroom ideas can easily optimise a compact space. Having a small bathroom can be limiting but our interior designers suggest that small toilet design ideas can be changed to feel more light visually. From small bathroom ideas with showers to easy-to-implement toilet ideas, we have it all here. Scroll down to jump straight to these!

#1: Add Bold Strokes of Your Personality

Complement your bathroom with accents

You know the secret to having a compact bathroom that steals the show? One of the biggest bathroom ideas that designers have perfected is adding bold accents. Accents can make a bathroom easily go from drab to dazzling. Notice for example, this vanity has a gold chevron pattern etched that directly contrasts the golden-veined bathtub. Dark colours aren’t seen as ideal picks for small toilet design ideas but this deep navy blue backdrop is lit up with golden accents in such a way that it looks visually appealing.

#2: Pick a Style That Open Up Small Bathrooms

Eye this Scandinavian-inspired bathroom for more inspiration

Bathroom ideas work best on minimal, Scandinavian or modern washrooms. They are equipped with all the amenities to make for a comfortable experience whilst keeping the decor minimal. For someone who is looking for small bathroom ideas with shower, it is easier to work with these styles.

#3: Play Up the Floor

Keep it fresh with quirky flooring

If you aren’t comfortable with accents because you are afraid you’ll not get it right, choosing a pretty flooring option is a better alternative. Bathroom ideas are all about using the space creatively and using flooring that keeps it fresh can make a huge difference. Small toilet design ideas like the one seen above elevate the look just with a single choice. This is also one of the tiny bathroom ideas that work on a budget.  

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#4: Use Bathroom Ideas to Avoid Overcrowding Counters

 Fit open counters for extra storage space

One of the small toilet design ideas we bank on is all about keeping the clutter in check. Some small bathroom designs don’t focus on vanities and that’s alright. However, using whatever counters you have to their maximum capacity can turn a clean looking bathroom into a mess. We recommend decorating shelves in such a way that they are straight-lined. For this, only keep things in your bathroom that are absolutely necessary.

#5: Increase Storage with These Bathroom Ideas

Install pull-out drawers for storing toiletries

Having a small bathroom does not mean your storage options vanish. They can get limited for sure but with simple small bathroom ideas such as using in-built shelves, concealed storage below the sink and behind the water closet as well as using mirrors with storage behind them can easily be one of those  small bathroom design ideas that cleverly offer ample storage space. If you need more storage space, read this.

#6: Utilise Wall Space Intelligently

Build shelves on walls for storage

Vertical wall spaces are a blessing in disguise for small bathroom designs. You can create niches in the wall and use it for storage. In fact, a whole wall can be used for storage if used creatively. This also comes in the list of simple small bathroom ideas on a budget.

#7: Stick to One Colour Palette

Avoid the underwhelming monochromes with accents

One of the simple small bathroom ideas that can make your bathroom look bigger is sticking to a colour palette. This also gives you more space to experiment with accents. Take for example the above bathroom. The flooring and walls stick to blues with different hues and patterns, giving this bathroom dynamic interiors.

#8: Mirrors for Tiny Bathroom Ideas

Hang modular mirror vanities for more storage

Add big mirrors and watch your bathroom open up. Toilet ideas are incomplete without mirrors and big ones work great for small bathrooms. We recommend wall-to-wall mirrors. You can also get one with built-in vanities so that it gives you added storage as well.  

#9: Tiny Bathroom Ideas and Lighting Options

Mirror lights also help you open up the space visually

The more aptly lit your bathroom is, the more open it will look. Simple small bathroom ideas that make a bathroom bigger include  blending lighting options in your bathroom. Get mirrors with in-built lights, pendant lights for corners and recessed lights for moody aesthetics.

#10: Float Shelves for Extra Storage and Display Space

Customise your shelving needs

Toilet ideas that come handy when you need extra storage space without taking up floor space is adding floating shelves. You can definitely customise the shelves according to your preferences. If not, you can buy shelving units and install them yourself as per your needs.

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#11: Simple Bathroom Design Ideas that Keep It White and Bright

The marble complements the white tiling in the bathroom

The easiest tiny bathroom ideas suggest that visually brighter bathrooms give more illusion of space. To employ this idea, you can pick a lighter neutral color palette. Pick marbles or quartz in lighter tones to allow light to reflect better, making the bathroom brighter.

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