What do you want your house to look like? If your answer is cosy, functional and attractive, then installing IKEA furniture in your home is the best way to achieve it. We’re sure that you are already fans of IKEA products (just like us!) if you’re looking for something functional and attractive. And we’re happy to announce that we are now making IKEA more accessible to you! Following a successful stint in Singapore, Livspace and the widely popular furniture brand are gearing up to create homes in Malaysia. If you’ve ever been curious what an IKEA-furnished home may look like, this two-storey modern house design will give you a good idea.

This resale landed home was designed by Livspace using IKEA’s ergonomic furniture. Designed to be well-organised and easy to maintain, this house was made with ample storage options as well. We’re happy to  show you around so that you can take a look for yourself!

1. A Clean and Uncluttered Living Area with Rustic Charm

Earthy colours and a grey and brown palette bring rustic charm to this space

The living area is decorated with a variety of elements that give it a lovely industrial look. This modern house design has an intensive mix of design elements, from the wooden floors to the earthy colours and shades of grey and brown. The glass partition beside the L-shaped Landskrona sofa from IKEA offers this room its own demarcated zone, as the property has an open-concept floor plan.

Look Out For

The Strandmon lounge chair is an excellent way to add some extra seats to your living room design. The Stockholm coffee table perched on the Stoense rug adds a classy yet luxe touch to the space. The Gronby wall picture, Lenda sea-green curtains and Vingmast floor lamp round up this living room design.

Design Takeaways

Choose modular furniture or a sofa as large as the Strandmon unit if you want your modern house design to accommodate a large family. This two-storey resale home can accommodate a large number of guests without overwhelming the space.

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2. Spacious Dining Area with Six-Seater Table

Tossberg grey chairs from IKEA can adorn a dining area without clutter

Do you recall the glass divider we talked about in the living room design? This is what’s on the other side of that! The dining room, like the living room, has a blend of minimalist and industrial concepts that give it a fresh appearance.

Look Out For

The designers chose a Nordviken dining table for the dining area, which can accommodate up to six people. Tossberg metal grey chairs have been added to complete the aesthetic. The area is further accentuated with warm pendant lights, trendy jugs and glasses and artwork

Design Takeaways

Metal-framed items are the epitome of modern house design! Timeless elements such as the big plant pots in the dining area accentuate the look and give it a fresh appearance. Furthermore, they can be employed as focal points in minimalist-style environments.

3. Open White Kitchen with Separate Dry and Wet Areas

Extend your countertop to create a breakfast counter

You’ll have plenty of space to get more work done without having to worry about clutter if you divide your kitchen space into wet and dry zones. To optimise workflow, our designers divided this kitchen into a storage-intensive dry section and a well-lit wet area.

Look Out For

The kitchen is designed with an all-white theme with wooden accents and is studded with IKEA’s highly functional kitchen cabinets. The breakfast counter in the kitchen makes it more functional. The designers used shelves for easy-access storage to make the most of the vertical wall space of the kitchen in this modern house design.

Design Takeaways

If you live in a house with an open floor plan, make sure your wet kitchen is not visible from the common areas.

4. Spacious Master Bedroom with Walk-in Wardrobe

Bed and bedside tables from IKEA’s Malm collection

This modern house design includes a master bedroom that emanates a warm, luxurious and intimate vibe. Our designers chose Annakajsa block-out curtains expressly to ensure that sleep is never disturbed at any time of the day. To complete the aesthetic of the room, they chose Silverlonn sheer curtains.

The master bedroom has a luxurious walk-in wardrobe

Look Out For

Popular IKEA furniture such as the white Malm bed, Sundvik baby cot and Boaxel luxe walk-in wardrobe can be found in the bedroom. Additional storage space is provided by the bed and chests of drawers, ensuring a clutter-free environment. The Sonderod rug is our favourite piece in this bedroom, with its soothing blue shade adds a sense of calm to the space.

Design Takeaways

The blue soft furnishings and oakwood floors bring colour to the otherwise white room.

5. Neutrals and Browns for the Guest Bedroom

IKEA’s Pax wardrobe is perfect for small bedrooms

As you can see, the guest bedroom is substantially smaller than the master bedroom. As a result, a corner inbuilt wall wardrobe with mirrors fits perfectly in the little area. The room is covered in neutrals and browns to add to its beautiful aesthetic. 

Look Out For

The most interesting modern house design element of this bedroom is the Nordli bed frame which also serves as a storage unit. The Pax wardrobe provides ample storage in this area. Other IKEA elements added to this room’s design include Hauga side tables, the Nissedal mirror and Lauters floor lamps. The same curtains and plant pots that have been used in the master bedroom are used in the guest bedroom as well. 

Design Takeaways

Use floor lamps on the side of the bed as accent pieces in the guest bedroom.

6. Two Small Bedrooms Studded with Amenities

IKEA’s Pax wardrobe is perfect for small bedrooms

This modern house design comprises two single bedrooms — one suited for a 20-year-old adult and the other for an elderly person who needs medical attention 24×7. Our designers designed both the rooms with a similar range of furniture from IKEA.

IKEA’s Langfjall armrest chair adds to a functional element in this room

Look Out For

Popular IKEA furniture such as the Malm bed, the chest of drawers and a fitted white PAX wardrobe can be found in both these bedrooms. Additional storage space is provided by the bed and chest of drawers, ensuring a clutter-free environment. The Vindeback rug in one of the bedrooms is our favourite decor piece since the blue adds a sense of calm to the space.

Design Takeaways

The blue soft furnishings and oakwood floors bring colour to the otherwise plain rooms.

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How Can Livspace Help You?

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