For most of us, our bedrooms become a source of solace after a long day. This is the one place where we come to unwind and relax while leaving the rest of the world behind. So when it comes to keeping our bedrooms calm and comfortable, there are a few factors to consider. While the general layout and design are important, the bedroom colours you choose also have the ability to make or break the ambiance of this most private space in the house. 

So let’s take a quick dip into colour therapy to pick the best bedroom colours for your space!

#1: Shades of Blue That Won’t Give You the Blues

Use a light shade of blue to bring calmness into your personal space

While blue is a beautiful colour, the wrong shade of it can make your bedroom go from happy to sorrowful in a matter of hues. For a subtle and calming effect, we’d suggest going in for a light shade of blue while selecting your bedroom colours. Whether you choose to highlight this shade on your walls or through your accessories, it’s sure to bring a sense of serene calm to your bedroom.

#2: Light Greys for a Minimal Look

Bring in some potted indoor plants to complete the look of minimal interiors

Reminiscent of the industrial and minimal styles, grey colour palettes make for versatile bedroom colours. Though grey might not seem like one of the most commonly used bedroom paint colours, it definitely deserves the limelight. For a subtle minimal look that’s flexible with other colour palettes, go for a light grey shade for your bedroom walls. 

But remember, whichever bedroom colour ideas you go with, the undertones play an important role. If your selected shade of grey has a cool undertone, try to pair it with colours that also offer the same vibe.

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#3: Classic White with a Hint of Wood

White and brown work well to create a lovely rustic vibe

There are a multitude of design benefits to forgoing other bedroom colours in favour of white. The first being the colour’s ability to reflect light and keep your bedroom looking bright and airy. So if you need a lighting boost in your bedroom, white might be the perfect way to make this happen. 

However, though white is a brilliant and versatile colour, it also has the ability to be a little basic. If you’re looking to add bedroom paint colours to incorporate some warmth in the all-white look, bring in some elements of wood. For this, you can embrace subtle wooden wall panelling or wood-finished furniture to complete the look.

#4: Two-Toned Bedroom Colour Ideas That Play with Space

Play with vertical wall space by using a combination of light and dark colours

Wouldn’t it be great if you could change the dimensions of your room with just a flick of your wrist? What if we told you that’s exactly what you can do with your bedroom colours! When it comes to creating an impact or playing with space, the best bedroom colours and combinations to use are two-toned palettes. But what exactly does this mean for your bedroom? Well, it allows you to potentially change the visual aspect of height, especially in rooms with a low ceiling. 

So if you’re looking to create some vertical height in your bedroom, use two-toned bedroom colour ideas that have a darker base shade. By doing this, your walls will appear taller which is an easy fix for low-ceiling bedrooms.

#5: Accentuate Plain Palettes with Subtle Textures

Velvet textures paired with metal accent lights are sure to jazz up your space

You don’t always need to crack open a can of paint to give your bedroom colours a boost. In most cases, you can also dress up your interiors with textures from your soft furnishings. If the majority of your bedroom colours are plain but you want to jazz it all up just a touch, go for luxe textures like velvet. A simple velvet comforter paired with metallic throw pillows can get the job done in a heartbeat.

#6: Add a Fun Pop of Colour with a Bold Headboard

Bring plain palettes to life with a pop of colour in your headboard

Similar to bringing in textures to enhance your bedroom colours, you can also experiment with your headboard for more bedroom colour ideas. If you have a bed with a headframe, you can choose to make it the statement piece of your bedroom. For this, try to pick a vibrant colour that stands out but also complements the rest of your room’s colour palette. 

#7: Highlight Wooden Accessories with a Subtle Mint Green

Use pastel shades of pink and green to complement wooden finishes

Everybody loves pastels and what better way to incorporate them than in your bedroom colours! You can either choose to go all out with pastel walls or keep it simple with a one-wall highlight. However you decide to use pastels, they’re definitely one of the best bedroom colour ideas you can find. 

Here, a simple mint-green pastel shade pairs beautifully with the wooden flooring and furniture. What’s more, it also complements the other colours used, like muted pinks and light mustard for a colourful palette.

#8: Experiment with Darker Shades by Using a Feature Wall

Add depth to compact rooms with a dark-coloured feature wall

Much like how two-toned combinations can help you play with space, you can also achieve the same effect with one-coloured feature walls. When you use a dark colour as a highlight, it helps create the impression of depth in your room. This works especially well for compact rooms that use bedroom colours to maximise the available space. 

But remember, this might not work if all your walls are painted in dark colours, which would only create a reverse effect, making the room appear smaller. For more small room decor ideas, click here.

#9: Muted Shades of Pink Make for Cosy Chic Interiors

Use muted shades of pink to create a comfy cosy-chic aesthetic

Want to add some interest with your bedroom colours but don’t want to go all out with bold shades? Try muted pinks! This subtle shade works especially well if you are trying to build a cosy chic aesthetic for your bedroom. Similarly, if you have light wooden floors, this shade of pink is sure to enhance it. To finish the look, add soft materials like a fur rug to bring some textures into play.

#10: Embrace Simple Neutrals for a Clean Look

If paired well, neutral colours don’t have to be basic

No bedroom colours list is complete without mentioning neutral colours. And for good reason! Neutral palettes are well known for being highly versatile in every space they’re used in. This is because they can be easily paired with most other shades without causing a clash. They also lend a touch of elegance to the space they are used in. So if you’re considering going for all-neutral bedroom paint colours, you will not be disappointed.

#11: Bring Some Drama to Your Bedroom with Luxurious Teal

Need a luxurious yet restful shade for your bedroom? Go with teal

Darker colours are known to make your room seem smaller, so if you have a big space to work with, go bold! If you want to create a bedroom with rich notes and an air of luxury, a bold shade of teal is sure to do the trick. For bedroom colours that are full of character, pair your teal wall with simple neutrals and metal accent lights for best results.

#12: Consider Metallic Tints For a Touch of Opulence

You can never go wrong with a simple green and brown palette with golden trims

Green is undoubtedly one of the best bedroom colours to try if you’d like to bring some personality to your space. Found in a multitude of shades and hues, it’s sure to bring a feeling of openness to your room based on how you use it. And similar to lighter shades of blue, green can also help create a sense of calm in your interiors. 

If you’d like to take it a step further, you can also add some metal trims in rich gold shades for an opulent aesthetic. Gold and green are two colours that never fail to impress so you might want to consider them for your bedroom paint colours. 

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