Most homeowners love their bedroom because that’s a space that can be designed just the way they’d like to, with a style that best showcases their personality. A significant portion of the budget is, in fact, dedicated to this room design. Our Livspace designers put a lot of thought into delivering bedroom designs that are as stylish as they are functional. We have collected the 12 best bedrooms from Livspace that are sure to sweep you off your feet. Just imagine yourself relaxing in these cosy bedrooms, and get in touch if you decide you need one for yourself!

#1: Get a Cosy Ambient Bedroom Design on a Budget

Get a restful sleep in this inviting bedroom
Use your cosy spot to churn out new guitar tunes or read that latest novel

We all love pretty bedroom designs that we can design on a budget. This  bedroom is all about keeping it simple yet cosy with warm mood lighting and inviting spots. This comfortable room design is definitely the crowning glory of this modern home. 

What We Love:

  • The cute cosy corner with a functional purpose of doubling as a reading nook
  • The laminate panel on the bed head is a budget addition
  • Ambient lighting on either side of the bed 

#2: Industrial-Style Bedroom Designs Have Rugged Charm 

Make sure to install track lights and exposed brick walls for an industrial aesthetic
Get a walk-in wardrobe in your trendy industrial-style bedroom design

This home has an industrial-style decor that can be appealing to almost anyone. Everything in this house is about keeping that warehouse look alive, and that means open layouts and loads of functional furniture pieces. Want to get bedroom ideas from here? We got you! We absolutely adore bedroom designs like these. 

What We Love:

  • The unfinished exposed brick walls are a must-steal idea
  • The walk-in wardrobe that opens from the bedroom and has everything a young couple needs
  • Track lights that help to keep up with the industrial aesthetic

#3: When Scandinavian Bedroom Designs Meet Bohemian Aesthetics

Contrast a blank wall with a curved headboard
Use floating lamp lights to save up floor space

We love a good renovation that changes the face of the entire apartment. This 3-room condo renovation was transformed with an interesting blend of Scandinavian functionality and Bohemian aesthetics. Although designed with a tight budget, this room design has a lot to offer.

What We Love:

  • The wood and laminate elements of the room are a steal
  • The carved headboard meant to evoke a country-style feel
  • Side tables with modern lighting lamps to save up on space 

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#4: Soothe Yourself with Compact Yet Functional Bedroom Designs

Maximise storage with this storage-packed study-table-cum-bed
Keeping the platform bed simple in light oak-wood laminate

Do you face the problem of space crunch in your home? Don’t worry! We designed this 55 sq. ft. house to optimise the space available, and the bedroom ideas implemented here are definitely worth stealing! We also made sure the space remains clutter-free with some clever designs. The points below are absolute winners as far as small bedroom designs are concerned.  

What We Love:

  • The study-table-cum-bed that saves space in this compact room
  • Calm and cosy neutral palettes create an inviting look
  • Steps leading up to the bed carry concealed storage

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#5: Introduce Bedroom Designs with a Luxurious Headboard

Get a unique headboard to transform your compact bedroom
A floating, golden modular unit for a TV unit

This small condo is filled with luxe accents and pretty neutrals. Our designers made sure this luxurious room design is a cosy spot for the homeowner. Check out the bedroom ideas that you can mimic in your own space.

What We Love:

  • The beige fabric-like laminate embossed with golden strips and LED lights in the headboard liven up the space
  • The fuss-free TV unit that carries forward the golden theme

A sliding wardrobe to save space in this space-constrained room design

#6: Give Modern Bedroom Designs a Victorian Twist

Get a bedroom equipped with comfortable bedding and warm lights
Lounge in this cosy reading corner

One of our favourite transformations, this house has gotten minimalist-inspired interiors with mid-century design pieces and soothing neutral colours. The bedroom ideas from this one are all about designs with a vintage touch.

What We Love:

  • Cosy reading/sunbathing corner that offers a breathtaking view of the city
  • Laminate wooden flooring that contrasts with the neutral palette of the room
  • Warm lighting (read: beautiful chandelier!) and the upholstered bed make the space inviting

#7: Play with Your Bedroom Designs for Thoughtful Interiors

A floor-to-ceiling wardrobe to accommodate the loft design
A nightstand carved out of the wardrobe

This home has one of the most offbeat interiors we have ever seen. So you can bet that the bedroom ideas to be had are fresh and unique! This interior design manages to maintain a  clean and functional look while making room for some interesting design. 

What We Love

  • A bedside table carved out from the custom wardrobe 
  • The wardrobe incorporates a loft within its seamless, handleless shutters, giving this bedroom design a clean look
  • Pops of pastel colours make this room appear bright and airy

#8: Go Full Pastel with Your Bedroom Designs

Let in the natural light into your bedroom
Use lightwood vinyl flooring to brighten up your room design

These bedroom ideas come from a home that is designed  with the Nordic-Scandinavian aesthetic in mind. Cool tones and clean lines are hallmarks of this bedroom design. Out of all the bedroom designs seen so far, this one aces the calm and soothing vibe.

What We Love:

  • All-new vinyl flooring for durability
  • An unmatched colour scheme that still manages to keep the look light and airy
  • A moon lamp stand that serves as a perfect reading light while giving this room design an ethereal touch  

#9: Wash Bedroom Designs in Bold Colours and Make a Statement

Splashes of blue on the wall, elegant curtains and a cosy seating in the corner
Get floor-to-ceiling to make the most of wardrobe space

This landed property is proof that going bold can be a great idea. Adorned with a lot of personal touches, some bedroom designs perfectly use bold colours, just like this one. Take a tour of this refreshing room to find inspiring bedroom ideas. 

What We Love:

  • Classic teal blue wall that steals the show instantly
  • Floor-to-ceiling wardrobe with stylish louvred doors 
  • Wooden flooring as a contrasting element in this room design  

#10: Do You Dream of Luxe Bedroom Designs?

Notice the modern chest of drawers
The revolving TV unit works as a partition too

This condo interior design is a potpourri of styles. There are subtle pops of colour in each and every room, making all of them unique. We especially love this room design, which keeps it fresh with a neutral palette contrasted with bold blues. 

What We Love:

  • The lavish use of space with multiple cabinets 
  • A revolving TV unit that can be rotated 360 degrees
  • A space filled with inspiration-worthy contemporary bedroom designs 

#11: Bedroom Designs That Use Bold Wallpapers

Wallpapers are a budget option to amp up your room design
Create no-fuss interiors with minimal furniture

In this home, a quirky colour scheme and a Scandinavian-themed room design ensures that the apartment is soothing and whimsical at the same time. This bedroom continues the theme of the house with a charming wallpaper. Do not miss out on this one! 

What We Love:

  • Simple and practical bedroom designs in terms of layout, furniture etc. 
  • An abstract wallpaper that single-handedly amps up the look of this room 
  • A dainty vanity unit that conforms to  the fuss-free design

#12: A Sensually Dark Bedroom Design

Contrast darker hues with whites to balance the overall look

This is another condo that gives bedroom ideas for a compact space. This 3-room condo takes a chance at luxurious hotel-like interior design and nails the look with this room design. This room is still packed with storage, ensuring it has a clutter-free look.

What We Love:

  • A wardrobe that accommodates the structure of the bed 
  • LED lights to create focus on little things in the niche
  • Black interiors perfectly balancing out the interiors without overwhelming them

We hope you were able to see why these bedroom designs stood out for us. If you are looking for more visually appealing bedroom designs, check out the 15+ Stunning Bedrooms We Selected From Homes We Have Designed So Far. And don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you need to design your dream interiors. 

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